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  1. Hello and thank you. Is it possible to share 2 screens to my participants? Or that 2 people can share their screen at once? I want to be able to share a page from 2 websites….i apologize for if im repeating the question but want to be clear..Thank!

  2. In this quarantine period.. I wish to watch movies with my friends through phone… So, is there any option for screen share at the same time the camera view for participants… Please somebody reply to this…

  3. Thank you for the video… I'm trying to video my Grand daughter while we are on Zoom and I'm a completely novice. I did get it to share if we are talking where it sees her if she talks, and then me if I talk, which I'd like to have us both on there, but also if I'm sharing a screen there is no video of either of us. Please help…! Thank you…

  4. I'm a teacher and I want to use my Wacom Intuos writing tablet to show math problems but still be able to see the chat for kids whose microphone doesn't work. How can i do this? I only see the writing board OR the chat not simultaneous. Thanks!

  5. In this video we see what the host sees on his screen. But what do the two guests see? If guest 1 is seeing guest 2's shared screen, how are they continuing to do their own work? Is it possible as a teacher to have all the students share their screens during independent work time so that I can see their work in progress? But wouldn't that affect what the students were seeing on their screens and interfere with them working?

  6. All those things are nice but I want to be able to display all those things with main and second screen output flipped so the projector on the room doesn’t show my mouse going around while I bring content in and out to the audience. Seeing the taskbar and the presentor toolbox on the main output to the audience isn’t what we want as we’re not giving a class on how to operate zoom… but managing a conference. Can’t figure out yet how to do all those things on the second monitor in fullscreen. And the last thing i want to see on that second monitor is the « my video source » as this create a video feedback if I’m trying to pass local on stage peoples aside zoom participants. There should be an option to « never show me on the second monitor… where, when zoom doesn’t have anybody selected or active to display, to simplay display a personalize logo I might put in the advanced options somewhere. Otherwise, the only option is actually to screen crop the main window to the active part between the top and bottom toolbars? That doesn’t make sense.

  7. Hi there! Is it possible to see both screens that are being shared simultaneously (without dual monitors), instead of switching between them? Further, is it possible for me as the host to make this view of both screens simultaneously the default for the participants of the zoom meeting? I'd like someone to share their screen and for participants to see that, but for everyone to also continue seeing my screen at the same time. I'd also need to be able to make this happen without complicated instructions for some folks who are new to zoom. Thanks!

  8. Hi, that video was awesome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills. My question is about the screen with Titus and Carola, how did you zoom in and out and move about their screen that way to highlight the items you were talking about? Also, did you use a program like OBS as well? Thanks!

  9. Hi, i want to help my teacher out. Is there anyway that the host could see participants' faces when the participants will be opening google docs or other apps (split screen)?

  10. I’m looking to do a drawing demonstration via zoom. I’d like the model to be visible to all in the meeting, as well as the demonstrating artist’s painting as he demonstrates the process. The other catch is that I am the host, not him. I want both of these as large as possible, and side by side. The other zoom participants do not need to be seen. Any suggestions on how to do this? Model and painter will be in different locations. When I turn off video, I still see the participant’s name in a black box on the screen. Is it possible to hide people so that everyone only sees the model and artist? Spotlighting only works for one. And speaker view inly works for one. I’m assuming that you are using a different product, not Zoom where your video stays visible on the side of Zoom? Thanks for your suggestions for solutions.

  11. Все понятно и просто, но вот если бы ты работал в компании обоз, то тебе сказали что это все беспонтовая шляпа и надо все экраны видеть сразу. Ну или то что 2 клика это слишком трудоемкий процесс.

  12. Is there a way to have a speaker on one side and a screen share on the other? i.e., an auctioneer in one window and the webpage that shows incoming donations in another window, side-by-side?

  13. Nice Sir,,ex.. I am going to conduct one event with 50 participants, on half the screen event will display, and remaining place I wanna show my participants one by one or two participants according to my convenience… So what the procedure to all these? how adjust Half screen for event and how to select and show my participants on screen? Can u explain me pls?

  14. Good morning, this was a very well-done video! I have a related question for you. I'm an officer in a Toastmasters speaking club, and one of our members will be leading a 40-minute panel discussion via Zoom at an upcoming meeting. How can we lock the views of every panel member at the same time during the discussion? Is this even possible?

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