25 thoughts on “Yes, you can use Laravel on shared-hosting. But WHY?

  1. Hey guys i want to deploy my laravel + vue project on free hosting and i want to use 000webhost. I just want to try this in production and i have 0 experience in deploying laravel or any other things. i have created three portfolio projects and none of them are deployed. I know this is stupid question but can someone help me ? Im just a beginner trying to upload my work on the internet thanks.

  2. Here in Australia I'm using a provider that gives full SSH access and complete control at only a couple bucks a month (using cheapest plan), so this topic always perplexed me when I saw it. Sucks they restrict it so bad in other countries

  3. shared hosting is inherently annoying and restrictive. I agree with this chap. Get a VPS at digitalocean, OVH or many others that give you your own box at $5/month min 1gb RAM 1 CPU 25gb HD… what more do you need? Don't get swayed by huge storage space.

  4. I use shared hosting simply as a 'per website backup' via easy cron driven SFTP. Backup being directly done over server to server connections it is very fast but beyond this function I would not use a shared server for any modern PHP framework. This issue is, as you state, 'control' when for example PHP requirements move to 7.x or even dom or xml module requirements change.

    The scale of change risk is for ever growing because your framework uses more code libraries from elsewhere. The problem is not containable with some strict 'set in stone' minimum requirement definitions.

    Shared hosting carries the liability of legacy because someone, somewhere else on the same server, can not upgrade. The upgrade is stopped because their system breaks but then your 'more modern' system breaks because upgrades to underlying system or web server modules can not be upgraded.

    When client budgets run low there is a client tendency not to use the skills of a web master arranging and maintaining web hosting. The shared sites get hacked simply because they do not receive enough upgrade attention at every level: server core, services on same server, connection layers such as cache/sql/graphics/xml/dom/php and finally within the client application itself. Will a shared hosting end user look at their security logs and amend the server firewall – unlikely!

    Shared servers can exist if they are dedicated to a purpose and given the resources to maintain them. This is not shared hosting like GoMommy but managed hosting for a specific application platform/framework. I believe that your assertions are correct: technical decisions should be in the hands of those who can understand and manage them.

    If a client wants to compare pro-managed VPS/dedicated hosting to $10 hosting then that 'red flag warning' is for both parties. Your red flag is: You should not worry about prospects wanting such dangerously cheap hosting. The client prospect has to go through whatever experience their $10 will purchase – it is their right to take this path. Perhaps they get lucky but as an expert you know that the odds are against them but the client prospect also has the right to ignore you. So the conversation yourself and the prospect should be fairly short.

    Talking too much to a client wanting $10 hosting is like the $5 psychotherapist comedy session with only enough time to say 'Stop It!', Google: ‘Bob Newhart Stop It.’ to see what I mean. It is not something you can base a business relationship upon – unless you do highly specialised hosting dedicated to a specific framework… I think that the smart people are already doing this.

  5. do your video mean, you are developing and testing directly in the production environment ? An application should be able to run in a shared hosting as well, and most users will not access and maybe not understand and not care on the invisible side of the framework and development iceberg and all the tools provided. So it depends on other criteria as well, as size of project, goal of project, amount of data, budget, technical knowledge and size of customer's team etc etc… And local machine is good for a development…no need to have a VPS machine for that.

  6. Not all shared hosting means "no ssh access" Viviotech.net has shared hosting with full root access. I can run 20 to 30 low usage sites on one maintainable machine rather than maintain 30 droplets. I mean VPS hosting though – not strictly shared.

  7. I have this issue with laravel on shared hosting
    Actually some of my clients are host on my vps where i use cpanel bcuz its make things easier for me to control.
    So the contract between us is doing laravel abd hosting with cpanel so its easy for them also. I know the limitations and i really agree with u 100% but i have a server with 3tb and extra client coming i can add them easily without affecting my budget for server or resources bcuz the contract we have i need to provide a host so if i do it on another cloud system or different vps then i will lose money and time for making the server and configure it and install laravel rather than just make the site with cpanel and upload laravel.

    In another hand if client need his own server or he will pay for hosting then for sure i will not take big headache just install it for him and thats it.

    Hope in the future cpanel gives many things to do for such frameworks.
    And thanks for the video.

  8. You are right, but simple to learn doesn't mean accessible information or an approachable learning process. So often people who know how to do things forget simple is practice, learning is difficult. This is why we developers spend perhaps the largest block of our time in a day debugging. It is because we are learning how to build something.

    I would love to see some great guides on these topics, that would make your advice win on the other side. Right now you are right, but that doesn't mean your answer is an answer without the guides.

  9. Why shared hosting? Mostly this is what the customers already have and know. When you sell a website, you dont have to deal around with servers for them. Also the customers maybe are not experienced with administrating an own server (maybe no time, no Linux knowledge???). So you have to do this or what? Remember, you are only a developer selling a website to somebody.

    What you saying will work when you host your own sites, but as soon you do customer projects you also have to think about whats best for the customer (and mostly also cheap, to be in their price range). Its not always possible to recommend a own server for them. Think a little bit.

    And what Cuculeac Stefan said is also true, because mostly they already have something from their old site, and also already paid for the full next year.

  10. Let me give you an exemple. I've tell client that we're developing in laravel and sent him the requirements (including SSH access) and when the project is finished i get a share hosting account. I'm pushing about ssh access but the client already paid for a full year so…we have to manage with that one. Usually i'm copy the files and set up database and then ask to hosting provider to run some commands for me. For ex:

    composer install
    composer dump-autoload
    php artisan key:generate
    php artisan cache:clear
    php artisan optimize

    And usually i'm doing like this.

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