XMPP Academy #2

XMPP Academy #2

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This is the recording of our second live XMPP Academy.

Here are the questions covered:

1. ejabberd questions:
– What are ejabberd backends ? What backends are available in ejabberd and how do they work ?

2. XMPP questions
– How can I learn and experiment with XMPP ? I demo using Psi XMPP console to learn XMPP at the protocol level.
– What are message carbons and how do they work ?
– Why do avatars / carbons not work in MUC rooms ? What is special about MUC rooms ?

4 thoughts on “XMPP Academy #2

  1. thanks for sharing your knowledge
    so, i have 1 question relate to "Backend".
    What module is pluged to see "Backend" on web.

    As far as i know, the "mod_archive_odcb" have a "mod_archive_webview". But when i try to get backend on web ( localhost:5280/archive ) then it nothing to show.

    Please contact and teach me more!

  2. Thanks for this video series!!!!
    I'm an app developer, an I'll appreciate a video on how to install and configure ejabberd on a server.
    An amazon from zero to hero would be terrific 😉

    Thanks again and congrats for your job!!!

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