WooCommerce University: Choosing Your Managed WordPress Hosting

WooCommerce University: Choosing Your Managed WordPress Hosting

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Okay so let’s get started with our WordPress hosting options overview. I have narrowed this down to three specific choices for hosting.

1. GoDaddy managed WordPress2. Bluehost managed WordPress3. Our top choice WPEngine.
Welcome back to WooCommerce University! We are picking your WordPress managed hosting option. It’s a requirement for having a WordPress website, and eventually having a WooCommerce WordPress website.

So as I mentioned here –  – I’m going to walk you through three options. There are many more options out there, but I recommend one of these three.
All I can say is you get what you pay for, so for the lowest level of GoDaddy, if you’re paying seven dollars a month for one website, you’re gonna have some trouble with your hosting, because you’re gonna be on a shared server. While the cost is low, expect your website to go down a few times a year. I could be a pain in the butt, however, it’s going to be less of a risk because you’re only paying $6.99 a month for the first however long the first term is.

GoDaddy’s going to get you to pay more when your term ends.

Bluehost managed WordPress is another option. Again, you’re gonna get what you pay for. Shared hosting for three dollars a month for 36 months.
Imagine a very slow loading website where it’s going to be frustrating for your customers to get around your website because it’s going to load so slowly.  I do not necessarily recommend it although it will work if it’s something that you want to start with and then they do scale all the way up to $20/month which auto renews at a regular rate of $30/month.

WPEngine starts at $25/month for one site.  WPE is super fast, way more reliable, does not go down as often, and has better security. 

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