What is Web Hosting ? | Windows hosting vs linux Hosting | Cpanel vs Plesk

What is Web Hosting ? | Windows hosting vs linux Hosting | Cpanel vs Plesk

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In this video we have discussed about cpanel and plesk and which hosting you should use.

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Topic Covered
1)What is web hosting
2)What is linux hosting
3)what is cpanel
4)what is plesk
5)Difference between Cpanel and Plesk

Domain management – add new domain names, configure and manage them.
File management – upload new files to the server, manage them, do backups and restores.
Email management – set up new email accounts, manage them, access webmail, configure spam filters, mailing lists, forwarders.
Database management – set up databases and manage them.
Stats – see the volume of traffic the server is getting.
Security – SSL certificates, SSH access, IP blockers, etc.
Software installers – easy installations of popular web scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.

It’s a platform that’s more common among hosting providers and is usually cheaper for the end-user.
It allows you to set up free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt (AutoSSL), but you can also switch to Comodo or other certificates.
Although cPanel runs on a fewer number of operating systems overall, it supports Amazon Linux, which Plesk does not.
Great automatic backups and restorations. You can take advantage of a couple of built-in back-ups and restore mechanisms.

You can run Plesk on Windows and more than a dozen Linux distributions including versions of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CloudLinux, and Virtuozzo Linux.
Built-in support for Docker, Git, Node.js, and WordPress Toolkit (great if you want to implement some WordPress automation and get additional management features).
Easy SSL integration with a single click. Plesk will take care of obtaining an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and integrating it into your sites.
WordPress users can take advantage of automatic updates, bug fixes, and patches. In other words, Plesk takes care of most of your WordPress security needs.

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