What Is Web Hosting? Explained | Web Hosting Myths BUSTED

What Is Web Hosting? Explained | Web Hosting Myths BUSTED

shared hosting explained

What IS web hosting? Do you need it? Where should you buy web hosting? I’m answering these questions and more in today’s video.


Ultimate hosting comparison:


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23 thoughts on “What Is Web Hosting? Explained | Web Hosting Myths BUSTED

  1. Simple question from a simple old man.
    1. So, I can get a website through square space and skip buying a domain name; because it's all in their price per month?

    2. Or, do I have to buy a domain name before getting my website from Square Space/Wix?

  2. I appreciate your thoroughness of explaining the details. I've even been able to take notes. Even though I like someone to just tell me what to do exactly, you've gotten really close. Thank you

  3. I fucking hate WordPress. It needs to go the way of Netscape. As weird an app as it is, I use Everweb to build my basic sites, then drop under the hood and tweak it. I know some coding and it's seriously easy to do.

  4. You're saving my life right now. Can't believe these videos have more views… like, is this stuff supposed common knowledge or something??! Thanks again.

  5. WOW you’re really teaching me a lot of things I had no clue about. I’m going with square and staying as far away from go daddy as possible, I almost made that fatal mistake.

  6. Thank you for the video!

    I chose WordPress because I'm trying to create a social media website for artists! (I don't think a drag and drop is ideal for that ahah!)

    I'm still learning all the hoops and ladders that come with wordpress because there are indeed a LOT of options but I worry about the complexities of self hosting with the options like Amazon Webservice. Do you think that's something that someone completely new should mess with or would you recommend slowly stepping up the ladder and going to self hosting when you actually "need" it.

    Thanks once again!

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