3 thoughts on “Web Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting – Which Do You Need?

  1. One thing I never understood is how a reseller competes with "basic web hosting" offered by relatively bigger companies like NameHero. It's a bit harsh, but sometimes it looks like a creature eating its young. For a reseller to be profitable, they either have to raise the price exorbitantly or squeeze too many customers on one plan. Of course, resellers who have been in the business long and have accumulated thousands of clients, the economies of scale kicks in. And those resellers with several "add-ons" they can reasonably justify the price. At the outset, it looks like one can easily start a reseller web hosting business, but these days there appears to be a barrier to entry.

  2. Thank you so much for the video, this cleared up my confusion on web vs reseller hosting. I'm looking to start freelancing once I feel comfortable with developing and I think I now know which package to go for.

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