VPS vs Dedicated Server | Performance and Price Revealed

VPS vs Dedicated Server | Performance and Price Revealed

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In this video, I go over the differences between VPS vs Dedicated Servers. I show CPU and Download Benchmarks after going over the price differences.

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40 thoughts on “VPS vs Dedicated Server | Performance and Price Revealed

  1. I need to note based on several comments. The cost isn't for the hardware… It is for the dedicated 10 gbs connection. If you chop this down to a 1 gbs connection the price drops from around 2000 to 600. Also, this is for big business and not your average server. You need to have a specific need for that kind of throughput. Most don't need that kind of power.

  2. I’ve just migrated my website from a dedicated server with a hdd to a VPS with SSD and my website is significantly faster so far and i pay a 1/5th of the price i used to pay.

  3. Thanks. Very informative.
    One thing I would add is that if you have a virtual server hosting your website, your website-associated email server may be shared with others. That means that if there are a bunch of spammers on your virtual server, your outgoing emails will not get through to your contacts. With a dedicated server, your email reputation is your own.

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  5. I do have to say that I use Hetzner as a VPS for my Plex but when I run the sysbench command on my VPS I had almost exact numbers as you did on dedicated hardware. I did the same on my Ubuntu VM and it was only a milisecond faster. Perhaps Hetzner does their VPS better?
    Also I do have to mention that I have atleast 500 Mbit/s upload and download

  6. What would be the best option to relocate a call center that is currently located overseas working with a client where every single agent computer need to be shown as US based station. My main concern, would it be possible for me to have a server a dedicated server and have all of them connect to it or is there another options so my overseas agents to work in the virtual computer in the US where they going to be receiving and making calls and installing software and so on?

  7. Nothing like having your own iron in a rack somewhere. I belonged to a couple of non-profit colocation projects about 20 years ago that sought to provide free colocation space for 501(c)3 charitable organizations and private individuals, supported by the donations of people who either supported charities or could afford to kick in a bit more than the minimum cost to colocate a machine. At ~$50 per RU it was dirt cheap for access to facilities like Hurricane Electric, with what was then a screaming Gigabit backbone connection. Too bad it was mismanaged and fell apart.

  8. Anyone knows if VPS are ok for small to medium size Magento2 websites? Or is there better solution beside dedicated sever, obviously. THanks for video Chris!

  9. I agree with all what you said, but everytime I heard you talking about prices I said to myself "he never heared about OVH I guess" but I realized they only offer North America servers. The prices you're talking about are still crazy to me.

  10. I get 30mb/sec download speeds on my wget server on GCP’s free tier downloading compliance files from the Sec.gov website – not exactly something they would be caching or very popular. Screw a dedicated server. It’s a waste of money.

  11. even in shared cpu environments on quality providers you can get guaranteed IOPS /cpu/memory in places like Azure. upgrade is also faster on VPS. you just shot down and redeploy. scaling out and up are easy on vps web sites.

  12. I'm surprised at how much you're spending on a shared server, Chris. I think I've only ever had dedicated servers, always as a media server. I think the most expensive dedicated server I paid for was about 20 euro. I'm in the US, so that varied from sometimes about 15 bucks up to maybe 22.
    You could have yourself a dedicated i5 server with 2TB or more storage for about 20 euro. If I were to pay for a shared server, I can't see justifying spending as much as I would for a dedicated one.

  13. you chose a hella expensive dedicated provider… i have dual xeon octocore dedicated boxes.. 32gb ram.. 2x1tb ssd in hardware raid1… 1Gb real dedicated un-shared node.. /29 ipv4 included plus i add a /27 block of ipv4 on them…. 20Tb bandwidth… and i run ESXi on them… i pay $105/mo each.. granted, they aren't the newest.. and your example has a pipe that charlie sheen would be envious of… but for most sites… thats way overkill… mine only host a handful of sites each… each client gets dedicated resources … and they never come close to saturation.. shop around… deals to be had.. dont bend over for the crooks

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