30 thoughts on “VPS server vs Dedicated Server in 2018

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  2. Both of them are good but people choose according to their needs ive been using vps from Fresh Roasted Hosting they provide good server and hosting at a cheaper rate.

  3. Its a good info. But for long run VPS will cost you higher. Since you need to pay each and every upgrade and the provider have full monopoly on the price whether they want to put it high or low since you're hosting the vps with them. For me the best way to get rid of problems with downtime, compatibility issues would be just run a VMWARE,OpenVZ,Xen,KVM master host in a dedicated server and create a vps from that host and at the same time create a replication server for you to backup your data. Incase you want to move to a new host, you just need install the host again with the vmware,openvz,xen,kvm and restore your vps there. But of course unless you are a very IT savvy guy dont do this because its super technical, and i suggest go for VPS like what stefan said.

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  6. Vps Hosting

    Vps Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server Hosting. When you want to take your website online to web server, you must have to take space on server. VPS Hosting uses a virtual machine based technology & this allows you to use multiple operating system (OS) on a single machine like you can use Linux & Window 10 which are different from each other on one machine. VPS Hosting provides you a great impact of privacy means you cannot share your Operating System with others. VPS Hosting basically allows you to share multiple websites on a single server with a trend of shared hosting. Generally, VPS Hosting is a medium between a Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting.


  7. Been using VPS for over a year now. I understand how it works. What I don't understand is why hosting companies still sell dedicated servers if VPS is so much better? You said "raw power" for a dedicated server. Is that even important right now?

  8. +Stephan Mischook
    Hi I live in South america. I want to know if getting a dedicated server in usa will give me a dedicated ip address to access certain sites? Vpn won't just do it , it's blocked a lot.

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