Ultimate WordPress Hosting Comparison (2020) | The BEST WordPress Host for Any Budget!

Ultimate WordPress Hosting Comparison (2020) | The BEST WordPress Host for Any Budget!

shared hosting comparison

Finding the best WordPress host for you can seem challenging. With so many options and price points, what is the best WordPress hosting for your needs? I’ve got the breakdown.

Namecheap (0:57) –
Dreamhost (5:24) –
Hostinger (7:27) –
A2 Hosting (9:38) –
Cloudways (13:06) –
WP Engine (18:29) –
Flywheel (21:52) –

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38 thoughts on “Ultimate WordPress Hosting Comparison (2020) | The BEST WordPress Host for Any Budget!

  1. Anyone can help us, me and my friend want have our website hosted, we have around 50$ budget, what is the most secure, easy to use, webhoster, have cpanel.
    We don't know how to do any coding*.

  2. what a different between geting a hosting site and a web blogging site, i am new, can some one plz let me knoq the options. I want to have to doffernt bloging topics and websote, what should be the best for me.

  3. Great video! Although Cloudways probably have THE MOST RIDICULOUS sign-up procedure I have ever seen online. I mean honestly, they ask you to randomly send them an email to verify your account and then for copies of your passport and LinkedIn profile to verify your identity. Honestly WTF its comedic.

  4. Great tutorial. I'm 8 minutes into this video and I'm having trouble following you because I'm new to this and that background music is distracting :/ Maybe lower that music a little more or ditch it? Sorry 🙁

  5. Sounds like you're much less enamored with Hostinger after using them since last year's review. I had been leaning toward Dreamhost or Namecheap but now I'll think about Cloudways. Do you consider any advantage to Dreamhost being one of 3 WP authorized web hosts (the other 2 are Bluehost and Siteground).

  6. Thanks for the honest review! I decided to give CloudWays a try based on your information (I made sure to use your affiliate link). Looking forward to see how they do. Then again, almost anything beats GoDaddy.

  7. Could you help me figure out which hosting service I need? I’m looking to build a 3D tour website. Should be pretty simple, show some 3D models of properties walkthroughs along with a contact me page. What would be best for me? Thanks in advance.

  8. This is such a fantastic review! Thank you for your honesty and clarity – it's very refreshing! I'm just starting out so it's all a bit overwhelming as I try to pick the best fit for my situation. I wondered if I could pick your brains? 

    I'm looking to start an e-commerce website specialising in digital downloads (hosting these via a Dropbox plugin), hosting around 1000 digital product pages and I'm looking at potential hosting companies – in particular, SiteGround, WP Engine and now (since watching this video!!), Cloudways. I'm just starting out so am looking for reliability, ability to scale (as I'm unsure what my traffic will become over the next year) in the mid price range and wondered what you might recommend?

    Thanks again for the video! You've got a new subscriber here!

  9. At 16:17 you mentioned that cloudways allows users to duplicate a website and make changes without affecting the site that is actually live. Is there a way to do something like this with cpanel? I have a site that's running on some outdated site builder and want to switch to wordpress, but I also don't want to lose what is already up until I am actually ready to make a new wordpress page go live. Your advice is appreciated!

  10. What do you think of WestHost… Business Hosting?

    That's what I have, but it keeps giving me a 508 error, Resources reached & I can't get to my website or admin page. They respond within 5 minutes or so on their live chat & they Kill the resources & my site starts working again. But it's the 3rd time in a month & always on a Sunday as I go to print orders on Monday & my website is down.

    Just curious what your thoughts are on WestHost. I do have a WordPress website.



  11. Craylor, I am staring a WordPress site that is an educational site with affiliate links and I have had two different WordPress sites before, but that was five years ago and I have forgotten a lot of things about websites since that time.

    I am trying to decide on a web host but am just conflicted. I would LIKE to spend no more than $125 a year for everything – including a domain, SSL, daily backups, email, and hosting, but I am somewhat flexible in that.
    I am very intrigued by the Cloudways Digital Ocean $10/mo plan but it looks more complicated than I am used to. I am familiar with the standard C-panel but with its talk of software, teams, and projects, I am afraid I might be getting in over my head. Just how appropriate would this platform be for an old coot like me (I'm 60 now) who really doesn't have the desire for a new steep learning curve?

  12. Love your channel! I am a blogger who will be doing everything on my own. I was told that Bluehost, Cloudways, and Wp engine are good. But I’m really big on support because I have no clue on what I’m doing. Based off that alone would you recommend WP engine for me or one of the other hosting site.

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