The Web Hosting Conspiracy Revealed... What You Must Know Before Choosing Your Web Hosting Company

The Web Hosting Conspiracy Revealed… What You Must Know Before Choosing Your Web Hosting Company

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My recommended WordPress Hosting is A2 (Affiliate link):

The Web Hosting Conspiracy Revealed… What You Must Know Before Choosing Your Web Hosting Company.

There are a couple shady corporations buying up all of the ‘quality’ web hosting companies and pillaging their services, their support for profit.

Even worse, they are paying big-name affiliates HUGE commissions to deliver more new customers.

As long as they get more new customers every month compared to the number of people leaving because of downtime and crappy service, they are ok with it.

This leaves you playing Russian roulette with your hosting and your online business if you choose the wrong web host.

40 thoughts on “The Web Hosting Conspiracy Revealed… What You Must Know Before Choosing Your Web Hosting Company

  1. Miles, thank you very, very, very much for your recommendation of A2 Hosting. These guys are awesome, my website was down for NINE DAYS, going back and forth with my old web hosting company, pertaining to my EPP code. Remembering that I saw a video with you only a couple of weeks before, I went back and watch you on YouTube again, and right away sighed up with them. I could not believe Miles, I called them shortly after 9 a.m. later that very evening, everything went through. MILES, THEY ARE AWESOME!! I was so frustrated and miserable because my site was down, and having my VA waiting for the site to come back up.
    Again, thank you very much.

  2. I am a total newb to this, but I have a question for anyone who knows:

    In light of today's political environment, and "cancel culture", how can you prevent from being canceled by your registrar, because you said something someone got offended by?

  3. Hi Miles, thanks for the great vid! I'm searching for a new webhost now – Who do you recommend in Nov. 2020? Do you still recommend these companies for hosting today? – EDIT: Just read thru some of the 'newer' comments and it looks like you still do recommend A2 – Thanks man.

  4. I have used Boomla for years for free, lightening fast hosting, shame Boomla doesn't have seo plugins (yet at least) but i can seo it myself so its not an issue for me. Main upside is that Boomla is 1000X faster than wordpress and is more protected from hacking and it's free. If we all perhaps message Boomla perhaps they will do an seo plugin, or someone could get developer to do it, then we will have a 100% free solution for getting started with a blog to monitise – that means no excuses to start grinding!

  5. Miles, I've been watching some of your videos and find this particular one very valuable. I'm looking start a blog and have downloaded Yaro's audio on blogging. Where can I find a video or where on your site to be able to set up my WordPress site and hosting with A2? Do you recommend Thrive Themes? You and Terry are the only people I really follow. You're the only blogging go to guy I trust even though I'm on monthly mentor club. Thanks

  6. @Miles Beckler  – what's your take on WPEngine (or Kinsta) for those who can afford it? They're pretty strict about plugins, etc. but they also handle the security, the cache and the like and their load times are great. Do you see any of their built-in strict limitations being a major hurdle?

  7. BlueHost and HostGator are the biggest ones along with 60 other brands owned by EIG (Endurance International Group). Surprised this isn’t illegal being such a monopoly.

  8. xhost24 com offers amazingly-fast, reliable, offshore, bulletproof vps servers. Price from $ 9.99 . Free setup Windows/Linux. They do have a very nice list of server features. I value great server and support, all at a reasonable price, I highly recommend xhost24 com as your vps server provider. (Dedicated server config in sales chat)

  9. I just bought 2 years hosting with Siteground. After thorough research my final options were both A2 Hosting and Siteground. I don't have any specific reason for purchasing Siteground because both of them seems to be good in every aspect.

    I would like to know your view on Siteground. If there's any issue please let me know since I'm still covered by 30 day money back period.

  10. I just purchased a URL from go-daddy, but I have not yet signed on with a host. Understanding that go-daddy may not be the best choice,, does it matter that they are my registrar if they are not my host?

  11. I'm super glad i just watched this AND SUBSCRIBED! i have a site on godaddy, they suck, can't even place html images like my BBB linked logo! I had a site on A2 once but i didn't manage that site, the guy did who built it but he stood behind them and it's been like 7-8 years i think! Anyway, how do you feel about Mochahost? Their mocha package supports unlimited sites so i can move my godaddy site and that package seems to be the closest to all i need… I have thick skin, tell me thew truth lol

  12. Awesome video!! I wish I saw this before I made my choice. I going switch. I debating between Siteground and A2. Do have any other comments about what I am going to do. Because 1 & 1 Ionos is similar to what you stated. Thanks again. New sub here!!!

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