The Difference Between Hosting, Domains and Websites

The Difference Between Hosting, Domains and Websites

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When you build a website you need a host, a domain and of course… a website.

This video talks about the difference between the three and how to get started building your website.

If you need hosting a recommend HostGator,

You can get hosting, a domain and one-click WordPress installation with HostGator.

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16 thoughts on “The Difference Between Hosting, Domains and Websites

  1. My question is?
    When a company like Bluehost offers Unlimited Websites with 1 domain.
    Does that mean you can piggyback the unlimited websites under the 1 domain….
    Or do you have to purchase a separate domain for each website..

    If the website can be piggybacked under the main domain.
    Do you have a video explaining how??

    Thanks for sharing your info..

  2. Honestly I still did not understand the term website & domain. I've just purchased a domain, on the front page service provider says unlimited domain but after purchased the domain, they say it means unlimited website hosting, so I start believing that it just a gimmick of making people fool

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