The BEST Email Hosting For Your Small Business | Namecheap Private Email Hosting Review

The BEST Email Hosting For Your Small Business | Namecheap Private Email Hosting Review

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Email hosting is so important to further your online brand, but where should you buy it, and is it hard to set up? In today’s video, I take a look at Namecheap’s Private Email Hosting.

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40 thoughts on “The BEST Email Hosting For Your Small Business | Namecheap Private Email Hosting Review

  1. I was just charged $240 for email hosting by Godaddy…and another $195 for web hosting. That’s $435.00 for something I’ll now be paying $70 a year. Thanks for the money saving info…

  2. I am confused if email hosting comes from domain providers or host providers?? I see host providers also list email hosting as one of their features.

  3. Hi! Great video! I’m a small business…new to domain names and email hosting. If I start with Namecheap for a domain name and email hosting then want to change after 2 years to godaddy for more storage, can I transfer both domain name and email address to godaddy? Or will I need to create new ones?

  4. I use namecheap email (and hosting), but I have one issue. I use windows mail and it never automatically gets email, only when I click sync. At first I was blaming the service, but realized my phone gets the emails immediately…. Anyone run into this and have a fix?

  5. Don’t deal with Namecheap. Through the use of Bitcoin and WhoisGuard criminals and spammers can hide behind this secrecy for illegal purposes. Also, reviews suggest that they do not act when people report and bring these abuses to their attention.

  6. Love how the video was so concise yet very informative. Question: Could/Should you use multiple mail clients? I am working with Windows and IOS. Spark seems very appealing on ios but on windows outlook/mailbird has no comparison

  7. Great. Seeing your other video, I'd like to use GSuite after a year as I need a meeting application like Google Meet. But to start with, I am thinking to start with Namecheap. Can I switch the email hosting provider keeping the same email IDs after a year? Will that add up to any technical issues? I am also using Cloudflare's DNS, Namecheap Shared Hosting, Godaddy Domain Registrar (I will leave Godaddy next year). Thank you for your valuable content!!!

  8. How to set this up if my domain is registered in dynadot. I know i need to set up dns record but on dynadot dns settings differ from values in tables name cheap provided

  9. Hi can this be used if im setting up business in Australia. The data center Location has USA or UK os is this just the location where the data will be stored ? thanks

  10. Christian, thanks for all of your videos. Based on your reviews, I've recently started 3 separate clients on Cloudways hosting. I'm also giving a serious look at NameCheap for my own website. However, there's one thing I'd love your input on (new video idea?). My current host (one of those Endurance International companies) has 'unlimited emails' and they can either be an inbox or a forward. I frequently need to spin up a "test" email for one reason or another. These might live a few days before I delete them. Or even a few years. This is REALLY useful to me. So the idea of paying $10 per email on top of domain and hosting costs is new to me. Have you got any thoughts on the utility of "unlimited" and/or do any of the domain/hosting options that you prefer even offer such a thing? Quite honestly, though Namecheap is a really strong draw, this one feature (unlimited emails) may keep me where I am. Thoughts?

  11. Great video.
    however i'm wondering if this is ideal for me.
    I'm looking to host emails for 20-30 different companies, which all have different domains, who i do not want linked access to each others emails (100% separate).
    Could you like this to 1 plan altogether or is it one domain per version with Namecheap?

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