Switching to a VPS from Shared Hosting and install LetsEncrypt SSL

Switching to a VPS from Shared Hosting and install LetsEncrypt SSL

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I am moving from shared hosting to a Vultr VPS. I show steps to transfer a domain and basic VPS setup with serverpilot.

Serverpilot will handle keeping my VPS updated and secure. After the domain has been moved over, I go over setting up SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt so I don’t have upgrade to the $10 pay tier of ServerPilot.

11 thoughts on “Switching to a VPS from Shared Hosting and install LetsEncrypt SSL

  1. VPS from WELL-WEB NET are great for website. High-speed processor, unlimited traffic, convenient control. For registration you can use anything name/female/tel – him not check anything.
    The main advantages are that they configure everything themselves for free and all they need to do is say what you want to deliver, and the other is that in the Netherlands and the USA they give out IP from random networks, which is very important for me in the case of proxy! I recommend to try and not to suffer with the setting on the video – it’s enough to explain what you need and you will be set up and told how to use it.
    Now the special bonus – you pay for 6 months – him give 3 month FREE! Just a little left to the end!

  2. Maybe you should use stfp instead of putty to see your folders and install files. I know, what a nightmare for average guy moving from shared hosting.

  3. I'm looking to switch from Shared to VPS as well – have you thought about adding vultr's cPanel addon? It's $15/extra/month and you must have at least the $10 VPS plan (min. 2GB RAM) to run cPanel. So having cPanel + VPS with vultr puts you at $25/month. Just wondering your thoughts?

  4. Thanks for the info.
    Have you transferred an existing WordPress website from Shared hosting to this VPS? I am in the process right now. If you have any pointers/steps based on your experience, that would be great!
    I am going the manual way instead of serverpilot. Everything is set up right now (SQL, Nginx, PHP etc). Only the WordPress part is remaining. It seems I have to install a new WordPress before the import process.

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