Slow WordPress Solution with Live Website Reference - Speed Up WordPress Performance

Slow WordPress Solution with Live Website Reference – Speed Up WordPress Performance

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36% of the whole web is built on top of WordPress. Best open source highly flexible and customizable content management system, that offers complete website backend, frontend management solution. You can quickly create a website by using visual tools, page builders, plugins and themes.

WordPress made web development easy. WordPress made it possible for non-technical users to create their own blog or website without any professional help. The easy of use it offers, also comes with a price. As a user or developer, you are responsible for its upgrade, maintenance and security. You can create a lot of posts, pages, categories, tags, upload a lot of images – there is no restriction. But certainly you are using a relational database to store all these things. Databases get locked down while saving data. So you want to be careful if your site is large and is updated frequently. Keep optimizing database and files as you go.

I am sharing a live website internals with you that is suffering from maintenance perspective. The website received a lot of posts, tags, categories, plugins and user just kept uploading stuff without optimizing resources and file system so website got slow and server response got slower and slower in processing web traffic. Here are things that you can avoid or adopt to keep your WordPress performant.

1- Optimize database tables often. Do not add useless plugins on production websites. Try new plugins on staging environment and then move it to production. Remove useless data from database (but not directly from Db. Use relevant plugin or admin interface for that. Be careful in deleting stuff. The tables are relational. Okay!).

2- Plugins you install, often bring new database entries. If you install a lot of plugins, this will cause a lot of new entries in database. Some of plugins you will delete but their entries may remain in the database that will server no purpose.

3- Keep plugins quantity low. Only install plugins with higher ratings and those with frequent updates. Every plugin brings its own CSS and JavaScript file that it injects dynamically on run time in header/footer area of your theme. Many plugins throw JavaScript in header area. JavaScript blocks page rendering. It will block page rendering unless JS is downloaded and executed. Keeping plugins quantity low will keep your WordPress faster.

4- Use cPanel tools. Upload compressed and optimized images. Use website optimizer. Use CDN. Optimize database often. Use leech protection. Use less cron jobs. Use website caching.

5- Know what kind of data is important. what to keep and what to remove early on. Keep optimizing and keep your WordPress clean. Check plugins settings and options panels to see if plugin collects and stores some kind of data and know whether its better to delete it or keep it.

6- Keep Tags usage minimum. You do not need much tags in site believe me. keep tags minimum and remove unassigned tags.

7- Keep categories as less as possible. Remove useless categories. create a category named as ‘general’ and post stuff for those categories that is posted less. revise category names and assignment often. keep the count low.

8- Keep plugins as less as possible. plugins slow down website because these are dynamically injected. Web browser has to wait for those plugins to load files. Know which plugin is absolutely necessary and use that.So these are few things that you should keep in mind while using WordPress. It will make your WordPress faster and help your website grow in minimal resources and in small web hosting environment. Don’t over load your website. It will eat more resources, will demand bigger hosting environment, will demand more hosting budget and will be slower if not handled wisely. it will give you less benefit but will become huge liability if not handled carefully.

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