SiteGround vs WP Engine - Which WordPress Host is Better?

SiteGround vs WP Engine – Which WordPress Host is Better?

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Discover the difference in website speed between SiteGround and WP Engine in this video review of these two managed WordPress hosting companies.

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One thought on “SiteGround vs WP Engine – Which WordPress Host is Better?

  1. Hi Tony, I run also both products in different mix of sites. I believe things become different when you compare different real life scenarios. Both companies are so competent but i have a better relationship with WPE, reason is budget, when you need to resolve complex issues and you need to interact with more people and ask for some specific help you got more value from the company witch have more HR available and the reason is their business model support more complex customers. For instance i have been in the industry for almost 20 years, one of my sites have 16K active articles and tons of data, to migrate and test we use almost 3 months and WPE invest at least 2K US$ in HR supporting my process with meetings and hosting resources. Well when you trust 10 years of content creation to a company you understand the value and the price you need to pay to support and protect your investment.

    Paying a dollar per 3000 users access is a bargain when you don't need to hire 2 or 3 guys to operate the backend and you also avoid invest upfront in hardware and or dealing with big cloud providers directly (AWS or Gcloud). Traffic spikes in these field are difficult to predict, so you need a good architecture to support fast scaling. With WPE you pay a little bit more in the lower end but when your traffic grow it become a better deal.

    Thanks for the great review, i love when people take time to do real life testing and sharing deeper knowledge.

    As a Hosting industry veteran i love how the industry is evolving, WordPress had beed a pain in the as for years and now finally we have a lot of pretty competent services to deal with the backend mess, the whole integration of solutions to help keep wp running is a nice evolution. Keep the good work! Cheers!

    Best Regards

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