Siteground Review 2020 Pros & Cons of Siteground Web Hosting

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Transcript for Siteground Review 2020 – Pros & Cons of Siteground Web Hosting

If you’re interested in web hosting and developing and building your own website, you might have heard of siteground. Back when web hosting was really starting to kick off siteground was really leading the charge, it was the best and most developer friendly hosting service around. But since then, a lot of other competitors have popped up. And a lot of things have changed. siteground has been updated, and there’s been some talk that it might not be as good as it once was. So with those rumors spreading, we decided to dig into siteground with the intention of giving you a complete picture of how siteground operates today, as well as any of the features that might be available with it, or any of the downsides as well, and hopefully help you decide if siteground is right for your particular situation. also include links to siteground down in the description below, along with any deals or discounts that might not be available on their website. So feel free to take advantage of that if you like. So without further ado, let’s get into the review. So let’s start out with talking about siteground plans. To begin with. There are three plans available. There’s the basic plan, which is called startup and that supports one website while the other to support unlimited websites that will come with 10 gigs of SSD storage and enough bandwidth to support around 10,000 monthly visitors. Your next two plans are grow big or go geek. With grow big you can have 25,000 visitors 20 gigs of space unlimited websites hosted and unmetered data transfer. With the largest planned gogeek you can get 100,000 daily visits 40 gigs of space, unlimited websites hosted and unmetered data transfer. One thing to note with all of these, if you’re inexperienced in creating a website, they do come with a free drag and drop Weebly Site Builder. Also, all the plans are based on ngi nx web server technology. And that’s one of the most advanced and powerful options that’s actually available today. So already that’s going to set siteground above some of the other competitors on the market. Now, if you’re familiar with website hosting, then you’ve probably heard of cPanel. And that’s the control panel that many of these web hosting sites use. Well siteground has actually opted to move away from cPanel. And they’ve instead developed their own panel called site tools. So what does that mean for you? Well, you’re not going to get softaculous Auto installer. And that means that you also won’t get its handy library of one click scripts for hundreds of content management systems. But you do get siteground app manager and that supports 18 CMS installations, but you will need to install that manually. Now obviously, things like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are supported. But if you are interested in things like Laravel, or Symphony frameworks, they can only be installed manually. But again, if WordPress is your go to then you’re all set here. So if you’re a WordPress user, and you’re used to using softaculous, to create a stage version of your website, which you can try changes that don’t affect the live site. siteground does give you that option, but it’s not included in the basic plan. So if you are interested, then you might want to increase your plan to take advantage of that feature. Now, obviously, security is going to be a big thing with your website, you want to make sure that all of your users data is completely safe. And so just so you know, it does have some basic security tools, such as w AF, that’s the web application firewall, and a proprietary monitoring system included in all plans by default. So as far as security is concerned, you’re not going to have to worry in that department. Also, you may or may not be surprised to hear that get which is a popular development tool that most cPanel hosts offer is not going to be included in the basic siteground plan. And also, again, where security is concerned SSL certificates will be available with every plan. And that’s going to be very important, again, to make sure that all of your users data is safe… Ran out of the 5k characters limit, sorry guys.


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