Shared Web Hosting Services from Hostinq1 Canada

Shared Web Hosting Services from Hostinq1 Canada

canadian shared web hosting

Shared Web Hosting Services from Hostinq1 Canada – In case your websites were made for people who live in the Canada, the rest of Europe and Africa, then our United Kingdom based data center is the best option for your requirements.

Ensure that your customers from Great Britain, the rest of Europe and Africa will reach you online as fast as possible
Hostinq1 UK offers you the possibility to host your web sites and web applications in a cutting–edge datacenter outside London, UK. This will take you closer to your target visitors and will allow you to offer them significantly faster web page loading speeds. The Pulsant datacenter is located near London and provides incredible web hosting conditions and the utmost security degree. The datacenter facility is staffed 24/7/365 by well–trained admins who take very good care of the physical machines to assure a ninety–nine point nine percent uptime.

In the United Kingdom based data center you can find a broad collection of shared services plans for your own websites and applications. All our plans feature a 30–day money–back guarantee and are backed up by a 24/7 client care service. You are able to select the United Kingdom based data center from the drop–down menu on the signup page.

We employ the ZFS storage system in order to keep your website files protected 24/7. Each one of our cloud web hosting packages features an anti–hacker firewall software application and browsable web content backups made every day.

The LZ4 compression algorithm that we use and the Control Panel–incorporated website accelerator tools will permit you to achieve extremely fast site loading speeds. Moreover, we’ll transfer your site over to our cloud web hosting platform at absolutely no cost!

If your personal or corporate site is created for visitors who reside in the States, Canada or South America, we propose that you take advantage of Hostinq1’s American data center. Physically located in the downtown area of Chicago, it is among the most renowned data centers in America!

The facility is situated in a particularly secure location, which in turn lowers the chance of outages triggered by earthquakes, tornadoes or other natural disasters. The American data center has been created to serve telecommunications service providers and hence provides complete redundancy in power, network connectivity and security.

Domain Name Registration, Shared Web Hosting Services, VPS, Dedicated & Semi-Dedicated Server Solutions at We devoted a considerable time placing the 3 cornerstones of our hosting business: our shared services platform, the Online Control Panel and our fantastic 24/7 support.

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