Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting (Hindi) 2020 || Hosting Explained

shared cloud hosting

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If you are looking to buy a new web hosting plan and confused about which type of hosting you should buy then this video is for you.
In this video I have explained what is Hosting in Hindi and what type of hosting you should buy.

Difference between Linux Hosting & Windows Hosting
Linux hosting is used for WordPress and applications that require a Linux-based server
Windows hosting is used for applications which require a Windows server example – .net

If My PC Runs Windows, do I have to use Windows Hosting?
~ No. The type of hosting you choose has nothing to do with the operating system your PC runs.

You’ll get to know about
~ Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting
~ Shared Hosting Vs VPS
~ Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated
~ Cloud Hosting Vs VPS

And I have also discussed the price that you’ll have to pay in India and along with that I have also provided you some good options for every type of hosting that I have covered.

You’ll find your answers to questions like
~ Hosting for beginners?
~ Hosting for WordPress?
~ Different web hosting prices in India
~ Which type of hosting is good for you

What is Hosting 0:33
Dedicated Hosting 1:13
VPS 1:42
Shared Hosting 2:28
Sponsor 3:33
Coupon code 3:58
Cloud Hosting 4:05
When to buy a hosting? 4:44
For shared hosting 4:50
Recommendations 5:21
For VPS 5:59
For Cloud Hosting 6:25
For Dedicated Servers 7:37

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34 thoughts on “Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting Vs VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting (Hindi) 2020 || Hosting Explained

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  2. Nice information but still have one doubt.. Cloud hosting is also shared only, then what is the role of RAM in that? I mean how should we decide if 1 GB is enough or 4 GB. Please suggest.

  3. if you pay any bills of postpaid to go with AWS or GCP or Azure
    and if prepaid go with Linode or DigitalOcean or Vultr or Upcloud
    don't trust my or anyone's opinion go and try them out at least for 1 week or month

  4. I have faced lot of support related issues with godaddy. It has a good branding but not support. I tried other hosting providers, found to be better than Godaddy. The best was They provide a dedicated CRM. They recognize me by my name.

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