Shared Hosting Tips in Turkey

Shared Hosting Tips in Turkey

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Mehmet Tahta, Business Development Manager and Filip Borcov, CEO discussing about Shared Hosting Tips in Turkey
00:01, (Turkey), (Estonia)
00:26 500K+ domains
00:55 Turks preferred foreign companies for hosting
01:10 Big players come to the market and create the market
01:26 80M+ population
01:40 Importance of website is growing
02:08 only for registered brands
02:50 Middle East Technical University manages .tr domain names
03:37 Hosting and website builder popularity is growing
04:00 The easy way to build a website
04:10 3+ domain names per person
04:44 English and Turkish support 24/7
05:06 People aim for best price and best quality
05:41 20$ + VAT for Hosting per year
06:07 Iyzico, MOKA payment gateways, wire transfers
06:30 PayPal banned 🙁
06:50 Monthly payments are not popular
07:39 Know-How: Support is the most important thing
07:54 Ticket reply ~20min
08:16 Domain name campaign: .com & .net 5$
08:45 Most of the clients are from Google
09:04 Quality service = word of mouth
09:16 Yandex navigation and mail
09:30 Thanks to Spam Experts 🙂

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