Shared Hosting Tips in Sweden

Shared Hosting Tips in Sweden

is shared hosting good

Lina Massawe, Digital Marketing Manager and Filip Borcov, CEO discussing Shared Hosting in Sweden.
00:05—domains and web hosting. Data center in Sweden
00:22 10M in population. 1.7M .se & .nu domains registered
01:17 95% of Swedish households have access to the internet
01:46 Average price: ~50€/year
02:15 ~1.5 domains / website
02:45 Swedes value both quality and price
03:30 Swedish & English support. Office hours only
05:07 Credit Cards, Klarna checkout
05:53 People prefer to build their own websites
06:36 48 Colocation data centers in Sweden
07:14 Green energy is subsidized by the government
07:23 Clouds are safe & fast. So the’re growing quickly
07:30 Swedes prefer local hosting because of speed and support
08:26 Swedes prefer local services
09:57 P.S. Aleksandar Markovic is CEO
10:45 Know-How #1: Continuous platform delivery;
Know-How #2: Software defined storage
11:13 Communication is key
13:23 Right communication & Policies are important
14:15 Be very clear with renewals
15:00 Hosting packages with free domains

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