Shared Hosting Tips in Philippines

Shared Hosting Tips in Philippines

shared hosting slow

Jose Emmanuel Disini, CEO, & Filip Borcov, CEO discussing Shared Hosting tips in Philippines
00:02—Registry, web hosting and bandwidth in Philippines
00:22 Internet penetration ~30%, very slow
00:39 Support in English, sometimes Filipino
01:25 PayPal, AsiaPay, Dragonpay, Credit Card, GCash, Wire transfer
02:50 Support office hours only via phone
03:15 We prefer quality service
03:39 Market will be growing for many-many years
03:49 Website builder popularity is growing
04:40 Telco sells hosting and domains, but very expensive
05:00 Bandwidth is very expensive in Philippines
05:10 68% of population in PH use phones for Internet
05:30 Provocative add’s—helped in promotion
07:00 .ph costs $12 /month
07:20 Shared hosting price is more expensive

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