Shared Hosting forecasts (USA, Worldwide)

Shared Hosting forecasts (USA, Worldwide)

should i use shared hosting

Arnold Blinn, Chief Product Architect and Filip Borcov, CEO discussing Shared Hosting tips in USA and Worldwide forecasts
00:10 Arnold Blinn also Author and Committer of
00:33—18.5M customers, 77M domains
00:46 30 languages, 50 markets
01:05 What makes a product good on the market
01:25 Localization is much more than just translation
02:20 US: support in Spanish/English. Worldwide: Multilingual
02:54 7.5K employees. 5.5K work in call-center
03:20 Phone support is important for successful business model
03:50 Every market is different
05:00 Competition varies from one market to the other
05:30 USA: PayPal, Credit cards
06:15—helps user easily configure DNS for his domain
07:20 Open-source generic protocol
08:08 Significant drop of questions
09:00 Significant financial benefits
10:30 Website should be available to customers
11:28 We run our website builder as separate product
12:28 Customer buys a domain and then decides: website builder or hosting
13:00 Try until you find what works for you
14:00 Failure is big part of being in business
14:09 We invest in Marketing communication
15:10 Shared hosting in 10 years
16:25 We believe domains, emails and hosting do have a place at the industry for 10+ years
16:55 Shared hosting will change somehow in 5 years
17:39 Cheap way to host data will always exist
18:12 We are trying different things

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