20 thoughts on “Setup your own Git Server on a Remote Server And use it on a Local machine

  1. Thank you so much. Your tutorial was so much helpful. Your confusion was not noticable for me. I was the first beginner for Git. I successfully got the server running and into my macbook local. I was struggling since a week. Your video is the most informative that I found. As I see you left using Youtube channel is not so good. You have much experience, don't ignore your idea. I am sorry for your bitcoin address, I don't use it. If I could have done at least a tea for you — Sorry for that.

  2. Let's say I have a second machine where I want another local Repo which I can push to the shared server? How do I set up that? Do I git clone from the server to the second machine? Having trouble with this actually

  3. This was the ONLY tutorial that made it clear that you have to clone the bare repo. I was stuck for two days trying to figure out why every time I pushed from local to the server nothing would show up. Thank you!
    But I had one question. What is the point of the bare central repository if I still have to clone it and pull on the terminal? Is there not a way I can push from my local and automatically update without me having to manually pull? Because in that case, why don't I just pull directly from local?

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