Quick start: Hosting your ASP.NET Website in Microsoft Azure

Quick start: Hosting your ASP.NET Website in Microsoft Azure

shared hosting in azure

Microsoft has been investing heavily in building out a world class cloud computing platform with Microsoft Azure. Since 2009, Azure has grown into a very capable platform. One of the shining jewels of Azure is website hosting. It is easy and free to get started with Azure websites as you will see.

This short video will quickly show you how you can

Create a new, free website in Microsoft Azure
Use Visual Studio to deploy to IIS running in Microsoft Azure.

10 thoughts on “Quick start: Hosting your ASP.NET Website in Microsoft Azure

  1. I must admit it is good and easy to deploy using Azure environment, the problem is they are very expensive. I can't afford it. But for big company that looking for easy deployment, can go ahead with Azure. If you only have small or medium site, I believe that shared hosting should be enough, unless you can pay the fee. I migrated to Asphostportal.com because I can't afford paying Azure.

  2. when I try to sign in it tells me I need a subscription.
    When I try and get a subscription is asks for a payment method, even though I have selected the free trail. do they take any money?
    also, is there still a free website hosting plan?
    (September 2015)

  3. hey Michael and what is about a little asp.net webforms webapp? I need very small amount of place for this app and 1-2 GB of DataBase space. 
     Can I use it for my requirements? btw, nice tutorials =)

  4. Hey Mike, can you tell me how the azure portal (the front end) is developed? How that hierarchy @ 1:30 in the video is created? (complete -> website -> quick create etc) I have a need to create one such website involving lots of hierarchy. Will wait your answers

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