Publishing to a Web Server - Django Web Development with Python 11

Publishing to a Web Server – Django Web Development with Python 11

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In this Django tutorial, we cover how to move from a local environment to a live web server.

I have chosen for us to use Digital Ocean because it is a fully-featured virtual private server, which gives you full access to anything you might want, has plans that are as low as $5/month, and also comes with a “one-click-application” server that has a lot of the tools we need pre-installed. Despite being $5/month, you can be billed hourly, so even if you just wanted to follow along and then cancel, you could do that and pay a few pennies.

Digital Ocean Server:

Sample code and text-based tutorial:

23 thoughts on “Publishing to a Web Server – Django Web Development with Python 11

  1. Hi there, great job on the video. I got it all done and ended up with a 502 gateway issue. I thought it might we an issue with the settings in respect to the database. I really just want to take few Python apps I use with APIs for financial stuff and get them on the web to access from any browser, and I can't find a quick and dirty way to do it without diving into Django etc. I think you have the quickest way with this DigitalOcean etc, but still got me frustrated after many hours. Any advice on easiest way to go to get a few Python apps on the web for my personal use, without using Flask.. I assume Django is the easiest? Thanks again for the great video.

  2. Restarting my Python / Django journey after spending some time in NodeJS and Laravel. Thank you for your tutorials man, you have no idea how much they not only help but INSPIRE others! Will definitely be supporting you via your website

  3. 1st of all, Great Job thx for the tut,
    2nd. for some reason all of my posts, contents, blog navigation bar… wrap together.
    they don't go to the next line. they just appear as a continuous string, can anybody help me>

  4. I would really appreciate a new up to date tutorial about deploying a django 2.1.X project to Digital Ocean capable of serving STATIC and MEDIA files. The One-Click Django Application for the time being is for Django 1:1.11.11 so it's a little bit of a problem for example with 'path()' and 'url()'.

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