38 thoughts on “PHP Zip Module Enable on cpanel for Shared Hosting (Godaddy)

  1. Alvin!!! You saved me. No one else has this info on their how to enable zip module videos! I can't believe there are only 11 thumbs up. I was on hold with go daddy hosting support for 32 minutes and the poor guy couldn't get me past the page that you showed early on. Thank you. I hope you get more rankings so that google pulls you up first.

  2. I do not have the select PHP version in the software section in my cPanel, the options I have are PHP pear packages, Perl Modules, Site Software, Optimize website , Multi PHP Manger & MultiPHP INI Editor. I have installed the zip module but I do not know where will I get the check boxes, such as the one you checked at 2:02.

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