[Overview] Session 8: Building a Scalable Web Application on #Kubernetes

[Overview] Session 8: Building a Scalable Web Application on #Kubernetes

kubernetes shared hosting

In this session you will learn how to deploy a website to #GoogleKubernetesEngine, scale it out to more instances, and deploy a new version using rolling updates.

Qwiklabs Lab: Deploy, scale & update your website on Google Kubernetes Engine
Livestream date: 04 June 2020

How to Claim: 1 month free on Qwiklabs:
– Go to
– You will be prompted to log into Qwiklabs. If you did not already have a Qwiklabs account, you’ll need to create one. Creating an account is always free.
– When you click “start lab”, use the free pass you have in your account to take the lab.
– You will be able to take the lab free of charge. (You must be logged in to see the benefit).
– The offer to claim 1-month free on Qwiklabs will expire on 15 August 2020

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