Odoo Experience 2018 - Odoo Multi-Websites

Odoo Experience 2018 – Odoo Multi-Websites

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Enter a new era of customer segmentation with several websites working seamlessly on one database. Target different kinds of customers with specific branding, copywriting, products & marketing content. Thanks to the integration, you can easily align your operations to your online activities.

The future of sales is now! This talk will showcase the creation of completely different websites in just a few minutes.

This Talk was delivered by Frédéric Gilson, Product Owner – Odoo

One thought on “Odoo Experience 2018 – Odoo Multi-Websites

  1. At 28:00, an attendee asks if it is possible to have the same product showing on multiple websites, and the answer is to use a bom kit. I don't understand how it relates to the question, ie this would mean multiplicating the products. Could you explain why there would be a performance issue in having a many2many relationship between the products and the websites, and how to implement the kit solution without cloning the products ?

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