Odoo 14 Enterprise vs Community

Odoo 14 Enterprise vs Community

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Odoo 14 Enterprise Vs Community: Odoo software is one of the most superiorly functioning ERP software systems that are utilized by every organization. It is an open-source modular structured software that has a strong technical foundation along with robust functionality.

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So Odoo is titled as a complete package of ERP solution that is continually switching to its newer version every year with more advanced features, similarly with a wide-ranging feature the latest version of Odoo ie. Odoo 14 is released which is much faster than its earlier versions.

Odoo contains a well-integrated module and has a modular structure and available in two editions they are:
1)Odoo Community
2)Odoo Enterprise edition

Compare Odoo Community vs Enterprise:

The Community edition is available free of cost however with limited functions.
The Enterprise edition is an odoo Community along with Additional functional Apps, which are paid and have advanced feature listings benefitting business companies in large.

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With the community edition the user does not get to perform certain features as mentioned below:
-No version upgrade
-No hosting, no public or private cloud hosting.
-No functional support.
But whereas in Odoo 14 Enterprise edition it supports all features mentioned above, has a better hosting option, Unlimited bugfix guarantee, and much more.

When it comes to the user interface with newer versions a lot of features have been brought upon in both Odoo 14 Community and Enterprise edition. Odoo 14 community edition is available only on desktop whereas the Enterprise edition is usable on both Desktop and Mobile.

With the studio module, one can easily customize the system directly within a few clicks. Now with Odoo 14, the Enterprise users are benefited from certain features like Screen Customization, Report Designer, Menus Editor, and Apps Creator. But on the other side, the Community users don’t have access to all these features.

With Odoo 14 Community and Enterprise edition the user gets access to the sales-related module and customer portal but with the enterprise edition, the users get access to some additional added features like Subscription, digital products, helpdesk, VOIP integration, and so on.

Both Odoo Enterprise and Community Version supports inventory management and purchase management. Odoo Enterprise Edition users also get access to extra modules like barcode support, integration with main shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

With enterprise edition of Odoo 14 the accounting module supports a wide range of useful and dynamic report section like Balance sheet, Profit and loss, Executive summary, Tax report, Aged Receivables, Aged payable, and so on and also some additional features like sales receipt, Intrastat, Purchase receipt, Bill digitalization and so on. But all these functions are not supported for the Community edition.

Both the Community and Enterprise edition support MRP features like work centers, BOM, and so on but Odoo Enterprise edition supports additional features like PLM, Quality, MPS but these additional features we don’t have in the Community edition.

With a newer version of Odoo, an additional module called Data cleaning is added in Odoo 14 Enterprise edition which makes sure to remove duplicate data in order to reduce data redundancy.

Some of the new modules introduced in odoo v14 Enterprise Edition are listed below;
* Approvals
* Field Service Management
* Employee Referral
* Marketing Automation
* Rental
* Social Marketing
* Document
* IoT(Internet of Things)

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