Making websites with October CMS - Part 46 - Deploying to Shared Hosting

Making websites with October CMS – Part 46 – Deploying to Shared Hosting

i/o on shared hosting

In this episode I’m going to show you how to deploy #OctoberCMS to a shared hosting using #GitFTP.

I have gotten quite a few questions about deploying your #October CMS site to a live server. It is pretty simple but as you will see in this video there are a few gotchas. And I also wanted to share my workflow which involves .env variables and Git FTP. Because I think, doing it with just simple #FTP app is kind of icky. As developers we should be using version control tools when ever possible, even if we don’t have full Git infrastructure in our workflow.

In this episode we are going to skim over some topics that had already been discussed on this channel so if you are feeling lost you can check out episodes about:

#LaravelValet –
Git –
Git FTP –

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17 thoughts on “Making websites with October CMS – Part 46 – Deploying to Shared Hosting

  1. Hi, thank you for your videos. What to do you have a manager on live site, and for example he create new post at blog, now you need to see that post on your production. how to sync new data in live site DB, and your production DB?

  2. Hi, Ivan!

    Thank you for the valuable content you're providing. Your efforts deserve appreciation.

    Albeit, I am facing a bit of a problem with my #OctoberCMS installation. My shared hosting uses NGINX. And to visit any endpoints on my website, I have the need to include the index.php in the URL, like this "". This is cumbersome and undesired.

    Is there a way I can fix this? I have tried adding the .htaccess in the root directory to no avail. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! 🙂


  3. After a command "PHP artisan October:env" in my October directory the file has been created successfully, though unfortunately, the file is not showing up? Where could it be possibly hiding? Because after repeating the same command I get an error ".env file already exists." 😀 So it is there somewhere, but it's just not there? Any thoughts, someone? 😀

  4. Hello Ivan Thank you for you videos it really help, i have problem i done all and the site is working and database and all
    but when i try navigate to a page that use model "says model not found"

    Class 'mmoamenauthorsmodelsauthor' not found

    for all

  5. Please make a video on how to deploy to cloud hosting with Git present? I can't find any sources on the web, but could be great material for people. Our agency just converted from WordPress to #OctoberCMS. And most of junior developers are not knowledgeable with pushing it onto the cloud with Git. Thanks! Great content!

  6. Hello, thanks for all of this serie 🙂 it's very helpfull ! Can you tell me if you think you will make a tutorial about Task Scheduler with October ?

  7. Hi Ivan, great videos as always! , could you do a "simple" shopping cart video with october cms?
    I think is something that you don't have in your channel.

    Thanks and keep it up!

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