25 thoughts on “Load Balancing with NGINX

  1. Awesome how to for NodeJS Microarchitecture and load balancing. Those were advanced topics broken down into bite sized comprehensible chunks .

  2. So, what keeps 2 servers behind a load balancer in sync? If i connect to 1 via web app and make a change to the files(not the database) does the change also happen on the others servers automatically?

  3. Fantastic job man !! Only a question: is it related to NGINX Plus or NGINX Community Edition? The ip_hash directive works also in the Community edition? Thanks a lot !!!

  4. I saw failover but I didn't see load balancing… or am I mistaken? I expected to see easy-1, then easy-2, then again easy-1, etc. And even more, a test with some kind of "cpu eater" on easy-1 would be nice… so we could see all going exclusively to easy-2 during those moment, and then go back to alternate between 1 and 2… thanks!

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