Learn how to host your website on the cheap with Amazon's AWS | UNCUBED

Learn how to host your website on the cheap with Amazon's AWS | UNCUBED

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Sure you use Amazon to buy everything from soap to science fiction. But did you know you can use Amazon’s AWS to cheaply host your website? We’re going to show you how to set up hosting for a static website with Amazon’s AWS.

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26 thoughts on “Learn how to host your website on the cheap with Amazon's AWS | UNCUBED

  1. do you need to setup a VPS? virtual private server, or does it just work? is this a place for just storage or can you run your website scripts / web files off this? nowhere does it say this. right no i have a dedicated server for my website roxytube dot com…..but thinking about moving to S3. And i'm wondering if you get tons of traffic, will the price for S3 hosting really get away from you?

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  3. Thanks so much, your tutorial really helpful. I uploaded my html, css and images they are are working. But I have challenged of my slider. The slider did not display on life webpage but displayed on my localhost. What could be the problem?

  4. good info. I'm not sure what would qualify as a non-static website is. My direct question would be. I'm a real estate agent and my girlfriend own a hair salon.
    Should I use AWS to host a new Real Estate Agent and Hair Salon website?

  5. which of these should I apply to my account and why would really help understand the concept
    thanks for your amazon video I really appreciate people like you

    hi is 2018 and AWS has change their web sites when i set up permissions its looks nothing like what it did back in 2017 their are number 4 check boxes in this order
    1.Block new public ACLs and uploading public objects (Recommended)
    2.Remove public access granted through public ACLs (Recommended)
    3.Block new public bucket policies (Recommended)
    4.Block public and cross-account access if bucket has public policies

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