Key Differences Between Cloud Hosting And Shared Hosting

Key Differences Between Cloud Hosting And Shared Hosting

shared hosting or cloud hosting

The fundamental difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting lies in their infrastructures, which is explained here in detail: In Shared, a website hosted under a physical server shares the server space and resources with multiple websites. While the case of Cloud differs as here, the website is hosted in a physical server, but the data is stored across multiple servers, thereby ensuring optimum security.

Hence, when compared to Shared, Cloud Hosting stands many steps ahead in terms of scalability, security, speed, and performance. Apart from these infrastructural difference, Shared Hosting is comparatively much cheaper than Cloud Hosting, but when it comes to cost-efficiency, Cloud Hosting leads the race.

In this video, you’ll be getting a clear picture of Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting more in detail.

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