Is FREE Web Hosting Any Good? | 000webhost vs.

Is FREE Web Hosting Any Good? | 000webhost vs.

is shared hosting secure

Ready to start a website on a tight budget? You’ve probably seen some free web hosts out there. Are they any good? Which one should you use?

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22 thoughts on “Is FREE Web Hosting Any Good? | 000webhost vs.

  1. Lol….
    I have a blog that gets 20,000 visitors every month and I used Infinity Free till June of this year.
    I did not face any problem and managed to earn a decent amount of money with a free hosting.
    You're just straight up lying.

  2. I'm using Infinityfree right now to host my friend's company website (WordPress via Softaculous) and its working fine tho there are some downtime but not everyday and i don't mind since it's not an ecommerce website and it doesn't affect them if it turned down. Christian is right, if you're into a serious business don't settle for less.. But if you're just learning the web development and just making website for fun or for your self, Infinityfree actually good base on my experience.

  3. I'm practicing html and css manually building my website, but I have the struggle because I code it when it's not full screen, so when I go to full screen, everything shifts down that originally had a set position… also another, but quick question: his hostgator a reliable pay host?

  4. I am learning to create websites from Scratch with HTML CSS Javascript and PHP. It is a perfect way to show my work to my friends and test the websites on multiple websites. Beside the message "Website was not found" that dissappears after pressing f5 three times I wasn't having any problems.

  5. Don't use 000webhost. People have problem with wordpress. After a while everything you did is gone and it asks for new installation. The new wordpress installation has a different interface and if you try to install wordpress through it you get a lot of errors.
    Someone asked about it and the response was to upgrade to paid version. So Don't use them.

  6. I'm a new fan, and I really appreciate the way you make reviews, especially how you explain why they're not good. Sort of like a friend telling you what you need to hear. This was also just in time for me, so thank you! Awesome work!

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