Is Bluehost a good web host? | Pros & Cons

Is Bluehost a good web host? | Pros & Cons

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Is Bluehost a good web host? | Pros & Cons

Bluehost is a web hosting company founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. They have a staff of 750 people working around the clock. Being the #1 recommended hosting by, they feature 1-Click installations in all their plans.

Who is Bluehost Best For?

Customers who are looking for a reliable web host with a strong reputation. Bluehost is one of the oldest names in the business and has established trust.

WordPress customers who can pay extra to get access to more features and a dedicated support team of WP experts.

Owners of both large and small businesses. Bluehost is fine if you are on a budget and just want general-purpose shared hosting. Just watch out for the upselling. If you think Bluehost might be for you, then click the link in the description.

Pros of Bluehost?

Most plans include unlimited disk storage, domain hosting, email addresses, and bandwidth.

You get a free domain name for a year included with your purchase.

The enhanced cPanel is really easy to use and offers fast access to features.

The security features on Bluehost are flat-out excellent.

Numerous databases are available, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and much more.

Tons of free website scripts are available, including social networking scripts, blog support, mailing lists, message forums, Joomla and Drupal and Tikiwiki.

eCommerce features are good with multiple shopping carts available and SSL security.

Most customers report that Bluehost is fast. Integrate with CloudFlare, and you’ll get even better performance.

If you can afford it, the WordPress hosting on Bluehost is considered to be top-notch.

Cons of Bluehost:

While there are many useful add-ons available, unfortunately, you need to install many of them to get the full functionality you need.

The customer service team gets mixed reviews.

Bluehost loves to try to up-sell its customers, which can get to be annoying if you are on a tight budget.

The WordPress plans, while very nice regarding features, are also very expensive compared to plans offered by many competitors. Inmotion, for example, has an excellent plan starting at just $2.95 monthly. That’s less than half of the starting price for the lowest tier WP plan offered by Bluehost.

In summation, Bluehost is literally one of the top few that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. If you’re looking for a web host with a rock-solid reputation, then look no further than Bluehost. With cheap and scalable plans you can customize your solution, and in just a couple of moments, you’ll be up and running.

Feel free to check out Bluehost by clicking the link below in the description. See you later!

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