installing drupal 8 in shared hosting cPanel control panel

installing drupal 8 in shared hosting cPanel control panel

drupal 8 shared hosting

Installing Drupal 8 in cPanel
This tutorials is for those who want to develop website using Drupal 8 CMS.

The sounds disappear at the later part of the video, this is actually my first attempt to record a video tutorial with me explaining the process (Taglish – pasensya na nagpa practice :D)


– Login to cpanel

– Search and click Terminal

– In the Terminal Window, navigate to public_html directory and issue a drush command
drush dl drupal

– Navigate inside the downloaded drupal folder
cd drupal-8.7.10

– then move all files and directory to web root
mv * .* ../

– you can now safely remove the drupal-8.7.10 folder
rm -rf drupal-8.70.10

– Go back to the web browser and you can reload the page, the installation will prompt for database information

– Create the database name, database username and password, take note of the information as the installer will ask for it.

– Complete and continue the installation

– Test and done!

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