6 thoughts on “Installing Drupal 7 on Shared Hosting

  1. I recommend GetLark from myself. Thanks to a simple installer, Drupal can be installed quickly. Employees help with data migration in most cases for free. For a period of 14 days, free accounts are then only 60 USD annually. The package also includes free SSL and automatic backup. The company also offers access to cPanel. https://goo.gl/QVaBca

  2. I think the modules are looking to work with are the Localization and Internationalization modules. I do not have experience with these, so I would not be able to help you other than what I have google'd.

    Good luck.

  3. Ok greate now tellme how do I install it without the fck mywebsite(do)com/d7/ I am trying to install a multisite with drupal and my objective is to get mywebsite(dot)com/en for the english version, mywebsite(do)com/ru for the russian one, etc… with only one installation of drupal

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