IIS (Internet information services) Learn Windows Web Server IIS in 30 Minutes

IIS (Internet information services) Learn Windows Web Server IIS in 30 Minutes

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IIS (Internet information services) is the Web Server That Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating systems, it can be installed on Bother Windows Server or Windows Client Machines like Windows 7,8 and 10.

IIS Web Server can be used to host both Managed .NET applications like ASP. NET and unmanaged code application like PHP or even Node JS.
But IIS is commonly used to host .NET Apps.

In this video, I will go over all IIS (Internet information services) basic concepts so you will be familiar with IIS and start hosting your own websites on very easily.

I will go over the Following Topics:
1. What is IIS and how it works? 👉 0:56
2. Install IIS on Windows 10. 👉 2:17
3. Install IIS on Windows Server 👉 3:10
4. Web Platform installer Tool? 👉 6:22
5. Hosting your First Website. 👉 8:30
6. What are bindings? 👉 14:40
7. What are application pools? 👉 18:10
8. FTP Server Configuration 👉 23:10
9. Installing WordPress on IIS. 👉 26:50

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25 thoughts on “IIS (Internet information services) Learn Windows Web Server IIS in 30 Minutes

  1. When we assign the multiple sites to the shared application pool. If there is problem with the one of the resources in the application does it affect the other sites? Which is the best one site to one application pool or multiple sites to one application pool?

    By the way do you provide any discount for IIS web mastery on Udemy? If yes, can you tell what is the best way to contact for offer.

  2. nothing works. Filezilla client not working on windows 10. will downgrading to windows XP resolve the isssue? or will it affect my present os whidh is win 10???

  3. Can someone please point me in the right direction what is needed to create a simple web-service where clients send a request with a given parameter and receive an answer with a lookup-value for this parameter from an array?

  4. When covering FTP you said SFTP is used when enabling SSL when that's not correct. IIS does not support SFTP which uses port 22. This is FTPS over ports 21 and 990.

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