How To Transfer your Website and Email Account To A Different Webhosting Provider

How To Transfer your Website and Email Account To A Different Webhosting Provider

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In this video I will show you step by step how you can transfer your complete website and email account with all incoming and outgoing emails to a different webhosting provider. It can be a pain in the *** to figure how it is done. Especially with your incoming and outgoing emails that you don’t want to lose when you transfer everything to another webhosting platform. I faced the same issue. After some research and trial and error I found out how it can be done. It is much easier than I thought. That is why I created this tutorial.

We will talk about backing up your website tutorial with All In One WP Mirgration, exporting your mailboxes, unlocking your domain name, transferring your domain name, get webhosting at Siteground (or a different webhosting provider if you wish), installing WordPress again, linking your domain with the new webhosting provider, installing WordPress, putting back your WordPress backup that you made in step 1, creating a new email address, configure it in Mac Mail (or Microsoft Outlook if you want to), and copying and pasting your emails from your old email address in a way that they will be stored in the server of your new webhosting provider. After that we will transfer your domain to the new webhosting provider. Goodluck!

20 thoughts on “How To Transfer your Website and Email Account To A Different Webhosting Provider

  1. Guys! Be aware of the 512 limit to upload before you create your backup. Above that limit you got to pay $67,00 for an premium account on All-in-One WP Migration. There's workarounds for this, but I'd search for other migration plug-ins if I knew this.

  2. Hi Ferdy, at Siteground they have made a big change and now their phone assistance is over! Their new site is slow and complicate. Their assistance is only by a chat very difficult to reach and everything is complicate. Their answers are very schematic and no helpfull at all. After 3 years I have been using SIteground to host my clients website, with my great satisfaction, now I am looking for new host because I am scared about their complete abandonement. Pay attention when you talk about Siteground because you can loose credibility. Please check yourself and thank you very much for your great tutorials!

  3. Why are guys fucking lying?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I switch over to site group and the customer service is shit! And I paid for a year on the GoGeek plan. I am so pissed off right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My domain expire at March 27 but the hostgator account have expired. I can’t go inside. I did a backup of my site. So I want to ask you, how I can translate my domains or I need to wait to expired And buy it from a new host and after import the site?

  5. Hi Ferdy, I stock with problem. I followed your recommendation and got SiteGround, but not able to transfer/point domain to SiteGround from "No support Linux" hosting. Can I do it on C-Panel? Do you have any recommendation for me? Thank you in advance.
    BTW, really like your detailed videos.

  6. I was told I can recover my website from my host. Is that possible? I was with Volusion, but I'm not with them anymore, and I want to go to Shopify. My website is completely down though…..

  7. Hello, when using the plug-in to export everything, does it export other plug-in data and info such as elementor pro and woocommerce? I also have a another plug-in that helps me duplicate pages in my website. Will everything be exported smoothly?? Do I need to re download and activate those plug-ins on my new site?


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