How To Start an Online Business With Wordpress And Web Hosting (Reseller Hosting Tutorial)

How To Start an Online Business With WordPress And Web Hosting (Reseller Hosting Tutorial)

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Get NameHero Hosting:
Get Hostiko Theme:
Full Elementor PRO Tutorial:

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In this video, me and namehero owner Ryan Grey will show you step by step on how to create your own online web hosting business from scratch. You dont need any experience at all and with a few hours you will have a web hosting business all setup and ready to go!

If you need any help or want to know more, please feel free to leave me a comment below! I really want to

44 thoughts on “How To Start an Online Business With WordPress And Web Hosting (Reseller Hosting Tutorial)

  1. Just imagine if we create 4 different hosting packages, and all these having same resource limit like inodes,io,iops, then definitely customer will think twice because from low cost plan to high cost plan having same limits that's weird difficult to sustain.

  2. Hi Darrel, thanks for the beautiful tutorial. I followed your video but I'm still have this error: Your WHMCS /login page is returning an HTTP response code of 301. How can I fix that? thanks

  3. "4:44"

    Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team

    I never regret working with they are very great p y p t o l m o n . x y z

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  4. Hi Darrel, I have been trying to set this up for a few weeks now but not winning at all. I do not know who to contact. Please could you let me nknow iof i could contact you to explain my issues

  5. Hi Darrel! Thanks for the video! Quick question…do you have a discount link for NameHero Reseller hosting that's greater than 45% off? I checked out the 70% off NH discount links in one of your other videos (and also the link above), but those are only for managed WordPress hosting, not for the Reseller packages at NH. I thought about going with a managed WordPress hosting package (I will be hosting several smaller client sites), but I thought that a reseller account might be a better fit. I do love the features that NH offers, but I was hoping for the 70% off discount (or anything greater than 45%) for the Reseller packages. 🙂 Thanks so much for your help!

  6. Hi Again. there is add item the SitePad Website Builder on reseller option. it said like this… » Would you like to add SitePad Website Builder (drag and drop) to offer to your customers?: YES! – I want to offer my customers an easy drag and drop website builder. any info about this? how can I earn on this add-ons item? thanks

  7. I have been a subscriber for about a year now and the content you have provided has added tremendous value to my life. With that being said I am truly disappointed in this video and the support and issues I have experienced with Namehero and you for supporting this business venture. I foolishly invested in this platform and not only do I not have a website. What I do have just junk. I have reached out to you for support since the information you give in your video changes and not relevant to platform changes. As of yet no response not an acknowledgement , email or nothing I have been in contact with Namehero and I believe I even had a live chat with Aaron at the end of the day I feel you have invited me to a party which wasn't a party at all. I would greatly appreciated it, if you would kindly look into my situation I don't have hundreds of dollars to be taken from me. All of the problems I have experience have and continually have to do with Namehero. As a paying subscriber I personally believe that you have some responsibility as you collaborated with Namehero. Namehero has full payment and I have a site I can't even access the C-panel. I am very overwhelmed and dissappointed. THIS IS NOT EASY AND THEY LEAVE YOU ON YOUR OWN NAMEHERO IS AWARE OF ISSUES BUT WON'T TELL YOU BE AWARE!!!!

  8. Darrel I did it! I started my hosting company thanks to your video. It's more for my web design customers, but still I did the whole hostiko business and it looks very professional!

  9. Thank you for all the quality content you deliver on a continual basis. I am having problems with loading the WORDPRESS HOSTIKO plugin on my website. I have installed plug in the past and I closely followed your special instructions. I even reached out to the developer and they sent an updated theme, however, I'm still unable to upload the theme any assist would be truly appreciated I have already purchased my hosting with Namehero and I would really like to at least get my site up and going

  10. Great stuff Darrel and Ryan. I am already a namehero user and will surely look into reselling. But wasn't there supposed to be somekinda offer getting this using your link @Darrel??

  11. The efforts you both have taken for this tutorial are speechless! I wanted to know is it a good practice to install WHMCS on subdomain instead of subdirectory? Because preciously I faced some duplicate content issues by installing whmcs in a subdirectory! need your expert advice. Thanks in advance!

  12. You're far better off using a service like Cloudways and getting a droplet for your server, then building out your site(s) on your server vs using a shared space like Namehero. It's also going to be more affordable than the rates I see on Namehero.

    I'd also recommend GeneratePress over Hostiko, just for greater flexibility and pagespeed.

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