How To Speed Up WordPress Tutorial Using LiteSpeed Cache

How To Speed Up WordPress Tutorial Using LiteSpeed Cache

litespeed shared hosting

In this WordPress speed tutorial, you will learn how to speed optimize your website using LiteSpeed Cache which is a free plugin when you have LiteSpeed hosting.

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Best LiteSpeed Hosting Providers
Hostinger — (SAVE 10% CODE WPCRAFTER)
Web Hosting Secrets Revealed

Table Of Contents
00:00:00 Video Overview
00:00:34 What Is LiteSpeed
00:01:29 LiteSpeed Hosts
00:02:20 Hosting For The Video
00:03:13 Baseline Test
00:06:59 How To Get LSCache
00:07:51 Plugin Overview
00:08:28 General Settings
00:09:37 Important Plugin Warning
00:11:31 Cache Settings
00:16:22 CDN Settings
00:18:26 Image Optimization Settings
00:22:53 Page Optimization Settings
00:28:59 Database Optimizations
00:29:58 Crawler Settings
00:30:47 Toolbox Settings
00:31:51 Image Optimization Again
00:32:32 Website Check
00:33:14 Retest

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23 thoughts on “How To Speed Up WordPress Tutorial Using LiteSpeed Cache

  1. hi. i have to thx god for know you and your channel too. i need a great and easy refrence for setting my lscache. lastly found u. i have some questions pls guide me:( i use cloudflare,litespeed web server in a good host, wordpress and lscache plugin last version)
    (all i mean are about better seo and better speed)
    1.some told me if you use http2 you dont have combine sdd and js, it is for http1. speciall for mobile user the combining make large file to donwload and shows, so it goes slower. what is your idea? in http2 combining is good or not
    2.why you dont use(turn on) css http/2 push or js http/2 push?
    3.why you dont turn on remove google fonts? (you know they make site alittle slower)

    4.i have rankmath plugin so i set its site maps in my google webmaster, i saw lscache have crawler tab and maps, in maps tab it recognized 822 pages! is it bad or good? (i dont turn on crwaler) have i click on clean crwler map?
    5.why you put font display optimization on default? was swap good or not?
    6. why you put load inline js on default?
    7.i use imagify plugin for image optimization, and not use for lscache. what is your idea? good or bad work?
    (sorry for my bad english)

  2. Litespeed is awesome but conflicting big time with Elementor on my site… I am running Hello theme with ACFPro & Elemetor Pro… very sad … is this others have encountered? 🙁
    I know Adam is a big Elementor fan… have you encountered problems?

  3. Hi and thanks for the great tutorial. I'm on hostinger and so far quite happy with them. My question is in regards to the Object cache – even if I change the port to the redis port, the only green options I have are that PHP loaded the extensions, but the connection test stays on failed – doesn't that mean it's not using any of the options?

  4. Hi Mate, all of your videos are so helpful. Im struggling to get my ocean wp theme a good score, even paid service didn't help to get my score above 8 on mobile. After this video I got score 47 on google speed and desktop from 40 to 85. I'm still struggling on the mobile score but i will get there. Thank you so much for your great content!!!

  5. You know what, I don't normally comment but you're right. You did put in a lot of work and I really really appreciate that. This was very well done!

    I appreciate all the time and effort you put into the project.

  6. thank you for another useful tutorial! I couldn't find the Memcached or Redis extensions. Anyway, I moved my client from SG to Hostinger and it's MUCH quicker! thanks again.

  7. Excellent video !! I learned a lot and I have used what you say in it. But do you know that the main page of my website does not show the images? Where should I check to fix this? Thank you!
    Also, I can't find the .redis extension in my PHP version 7.4. Can this be fixed?

  8. Hello. I am really a fan of your channel. Really easy to understand technical issues. Please one question: is worth using a CDN if most of our traffic is from local areas and usually from same country ( România)?

  9. What can I do when the object cache connecting test failed? On video 14 min it shows failed as well… and I check about it with the Redis plugin and it tells the same that it did not connect.

  10. Hi, I need help with a redirect. How can I configure the LiteSpeed Cache plugin to have post-send redirection to the thank you page in contactform7?

    Now that LiteSpeed Cache is turned on, redirection doesn't work, just add the link: # wpcf7-f17355-p13573-o1


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