How to Set Up Cloud Hosting Step-by-Step  (Cloudways 2019)

How to Set Up Cloud Hosting Step-by-Step (Cloudways 2019)

shared hosting and cloud hosting

You’re going to see how to speed up your website’s speed (as well as the time it takes to develop it) by switching it from shared hosting to cloud hosting.

Best of all, it’s not THAT much more expensive than regular shared hosting ($10/mo vs. $4/mo).

You’ll have a faster-loading site, quicker time to publishing sites & apps, and a super-fast, reliable hosting package that’s NOT based on a long-term contract.


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12 thoughts on “How to Set Up Cloud Hosting Step-by-Step (Cloudways 2019)

  1. My site is about to touch 10k visitors per day, so I am planning to buy Cloudways , my question is how many visitors $10 plan can handle? And please also let me know, what if my site hitting above 50k visitors per day or another word very high traffic.. I am low in technical knowledge.. please

  2. Would like to see more Cloudways specific videos, too.
    1) Taking your the initial install on Cloudways to a full domain install. Changing password or updating.
    2) When should you build the site? Develop it on the Cloudways domain? Develop after the domain is changed to the branded domain, etc.? Why?
    3) How to properly setup email for use on Gmail, Outlook, etc. And, how to keep the email hosted elsewhere and why? Should you use Elastic Mail or? etc.

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