How To Separate Email Hosting From Website Hosting For Cloudways, WPEngine, Kinsta, Etc.

How To Separate Email Hosting From Website Hosting For Cloudways, WPEngine, Kinsta, Etc.

rackspace shared hosting

In this WordPress tutorial, I’ll show you how to separate your email hosting from your website hosting when using a web host that doesn’t include email as part of their website hosting.

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Table Of Contents
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:44 Why Separate?
00:03:13 Understanding DNS
00:07:08 Email Hosting Companies
00:10:28 How To Connect It Together
00:14:24 Final thoughts

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46 thoughts on “How To Separate Email Hosting From Website Hosting For Cloudways, WPEngine, Kinsta, Etc.

  1. Hostinger is NOT for managing large email subscriber lists, it is for general site / plugin emails when your good fast hosted service does not open port 25 [for email usage]. There will be email send delays the hostinger team told me. not ideal solution for a busy ecom site, but cheap. If you have a busy ecom site then you can afford a small server just for emails on some better place/ self manage it – or VPS. Velia [godaddy german host] has super cheap like $100 for 64 GB ram and 10 CPUs which has WHM and cpanels etc but you need to have someone install it. or get a cheap Vultr instance and install litespeed and the free cyberpanel

  2. Thanks, great tut BUT missing the records [and sometimes in Hostinger it requires MANUAL generation or re-generation] for DKIM, SPF and rDNS making sure email deliverability works and DNS is correct, no missing records. What's best way to ensure it gets into inbox? And what happens to ll WP plugin/ form submits/ system emails? Needs an additional plugin to connect to SMPT?

  3. Hi, I would like to transfer my website from shared hosting to the Cloudways VPS, will the email keep in the shared hosting or do I need to point it from Cloudflare? Also, I would like to know if the VPS will be faster than my old shared hosting with the same spec (1CPU and 1GB RAM)? I watched your Cloudways' videos, they are the best I can find on youtube. Thanks for the great information.

  4. I moved several of my client to Hostinger per your recommendation and have been having a lot of problems. Some emails don't comme through and they don't have a log that you can view and they don't have adjustable SPAM filters.

    This is a great tutorial video but based on my experience, I wouldn't recommend Hostinger for any business email 🙁

  5. Lol. You said hostinger is bad for hosting websites? It’s blazing fast. And it has LiteSpeed servers, HTTP2, Google Cloud for cloud hosting. It’s way better than the popular webhosts out there example inmotion, Namecheap, and if you optimize your website properly, SiteGround. And deffo it will not hold up for high traffic websites use cloud/vps solutions for that.

  6. Adam, I'm liking your videos. I went for your Cloudways/Kadence/LearnDash/Hostinger recommendations and saw that there was a webmail option Flockmail in Hostinger. I'm struggling to get this working at the moment. Are you using Flockmail?

  7. There are a couple of limitations to Hostinger that everyone needs to know about.

    I purchased the plan recommended in the video.

    You are actually limited to 100 email accounts.

    Their website clearly says "unlimited email accounts."

    But their chat support actually told me that I could have unlimited email accounts as long as I kept them at 100 or less. (Yes, I realize that makes no sense, but they actually said that.)

    There is also a 3000 email send limit per 24 hour period for the WHOLE account (not per email address or per domain, but for the whole hosting account). That send limit also includes forwarders.

  8. Great video – thanks! If I already have email mixed in with my currently average website hosting, and I'm changing to fast website hosting and slow email hosting – how do I "move" my couple years worth of emails to my new email hosting, so I don't lose all those emails?

  9. I am having a brain fart here do i need a new domain for the add-on or use the domain i what to setup emails for? and just use the mx records from the add-on. thanks love your videos…

  10. A question: No issue when email is on hostinger and website elsewhere when WP or woocommerce send out emails to admin or customers, GravityForms sends notifications – how does that work when say port 25 is closed? Need SMTP plugin to connect to hostinger? And then no issues with system emails? what reg cyberpanel emails to admin?

    Thanks, Adam, purchased 4y hostinger via your link. I also an grateful for you mentioning LiteSpeed. So I am getting a server setup with it and CyberPanel enterprise essential bundle for max speed possible. Looks amazing this LSWS. A great host is UpCloud, BTW, but requires a tech guy to set it up for someone using it. And since they close port 25 this video is perfect.

  11. Is this how you've set-up your own email for your company? Also, do you have a vid on setting up and charging clients web hosting using cloudways – is this possible w cloudways? Similar to reseller/whitelabel hosting. Tnx

  12. Awesome Adam and I read the comments and you state the workaround is to get a dedicated IP for email. I've tried to contact Hostinger to see if I can add an IP to the $2.89 plan but they haven't replied and looked at their plans the only one that shows an included dedicated IP is their $9.99 plan, any suggestions?

  13. Hello Mr. Adam, Please help me, i have been sending you messages via comments but you seem not reading them, i have a challenge with my cartflows, I have a course with a free ebook giveaway to get leads then proceed to a paid downloadable ebooks but my issue there is, after clients fill their details on the opt-in form, there is no message sent to the customer's email to get the link to download the ebook but instead the file is been sent to the user account – on the downloads. Please help me on what am doing wrong or what i need to do please sir.

  14. The issue with using something like Hostinger or another mediocre hosting provider for your email is the IP reputation. If they're offering subpar web hosting, they're not suddenly going to offer fantastic email hosting on the side. It's better to use a dedicated mail provider like GSuite, Zoho, or MXRoute. I personally use MXRoute and it's been stellar. Use a mail service, they will care about their IP reputation so your mail doesn't end up in spam / domain doesn't end up in block lists.

  15. For the past few years, I've continually had problems with email, first with incoming speed and then with outgoing reliability. Originally, I used my website host (GreenGeeks).to handle email. It was good and reliable but would often take three minutes or more to receive an email. This is a real PITA when a client is sending you something to look at in the middle of a meeting or you're at one of those websites where you've been sent a code and have two minutes to input it to use it to gain access! So, a few weeks ago I changed my email host to Rackspace because I've become really enamoured with Cloudways and the deal was pretty good at a buck a month. Unfortunately, since moving my email accounts over to Rackspace, I've had deliverability problems. Emails I'm sending out are continually landing in recipients' spam folders! I even did an experiment and sent a two-word email to a client and it ended up in their spam filter – so it has nothing to do with the content. Presumably, it has more to do with Rackspace and the IP the email is being sent from. I've accessed tech support at Cloudways about this and didn't get very far. It would appear that I'm not permitted to contact Rackspace directly about the problem. Yes, I have DKIM and whatever associated with my email addresses and still it is considered spam a good percentage of the time.
    What the world needs is a really good and easy way to set up one's own mail server on a VPS like Digital Ocean where you'd have control of everything. You could then charge clients $5/month each for mailboxes and could monitor any misuse of the service that might affect the deliverability of outgoing emails.

  16. Another pro tip: on the Cloudways application settings don't forget to set the "from" email to the domain related email address. Otherwise you may have issues with the emails sent using your website contact forms. I had this issue and Cloudways pointed me to the right direction.

  17. Thanks Adam! I switched over to cloudways and big difference in page loading and working with back end. I looked around and found mxRoute for email hosting. They provided exactly what I was looking for. Mailboxes for multiple domains for a decent price. They claim to focus on ensuring the IPs used to send email is trusted and will not end up in the recipients spam or junk box. So far so good.

  18. This records that you have set, can it send outgoing and incoming emails for woo-commerce. Please I will like to here your answers. If not, can you make a tutorial about that because I am about to move my eCommerce website to cloudways. Thanks

  19. Great video well explained! Need one on spf now!! 🙂 Swapped hosting to cloudways and VULTRHF and very fast with one clickstaging. Great stuf just watch out for the caching if your ecom with Cartflows funnels.

  20. Thanks for the video Adam. I believe you should create 2 more records (if not 3). One is the "mail" CName for using a mail client with your own domain name in the smtp and pop3 account, and the others are the DKIM keys. (edit : Saw the video again and I think that this is what you refer as txt record that you missed, the DKIM key)

  21. Hello Adam, Thanks for this video.
    I have a client site on Cloudways > Digital Ocean and for email solutions, the client is using Gsuite. It's a membership website with over 9000 members and am facing a problem with site speed. Can you please use this as a use case and create a video on how to transfer a site from Digital Ocean to Vultr HF with minimal downtime? I would be highly grateful if you consider my request. Awaiting eagerly for your reply/video. Thanks in advance and God bless! 🙂

  22. Hello Sir, So after Seeing your Cloudways Video i saw Digital Ocene. So Presently I am managing my Own Server Though Cyberpanel as it support Open Litespeed. If possible Can you Make Videos on securing own VPS ?

  23. Wouldn't there be an issue with IP addresses potentially being blocked due to other accounts on the same IP sending spam? I had a client's account hosting their email on shared hosting and their emails were flagged by several corporate firewalls / spam filters (their clients were law firms and banks). They ended up switching to Microsoft 365 and their emails could be delivered to their clients again.

  24. I'm told that email accounts from web shared hostings are often blocked by receiving mails. If that's true your way of setting up via hostinger is also not a best choice. Your opinion please?

  25. I am using Cloudways and having a server of DigitalOcean which cost around $23 deployed an ecommerce site choosing Woocommerce Cloudways Optimized option, developed the site then hired an expert to optimize the site sadly the site is slow and server response time is awful. In the meantime Litespeed Technology seems promising and I am gonna try it on GCP.

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