How To Make a WordPress Website at HostGator India – 2020

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Hi Guys! It’s Greg aka DearBlogger and I wanted to provide you guys a shorter tutorial to help you make a WordPress website (or blog) on the HostGator India site while sales last. This is how I build a website every time (I use USA site most of time). Hope you like it, let me know what you think!

Yes 👍 I am half Indian, Dad’s side is from Madras and Bangalore. I’ve visited 6 times! Where are you from? 🇮🇳🌏

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Learn how to change the theme to OceanWP theme and use Elementor best page builder to make a HostGator India website come to life! Make it all with hero images, buttons, icons, parallax, cool pages, Adsense, Analytics and more features in … View Part 2 here to continue your learning journey:

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It can be really difficult to find a host that’s affordable and easy to use and actually has helpful support teams.

You will be creating your masterpiece at that host and storing all your work so you need 100% trust and confidence.

HostGator India has our trust and confidence, plus a really good price, HostGator is where Greg has hosted 95% of his blogs (including DearBlogger .org and .com) for almost 10 years.

Yes, people talk trash always but you have to wonder why? Are they haters? Or paid off? Or jealous?

HG offers new customers unlimited resources, easy interface and 50% off (make sure to use our link + try coupon “BigBonus”). I have lived there thru all my blogging and want to welcome you there too.

They are the only host on our best India web hosting review to charge in Rupees AND have servers in India, which shows they really care [read review:

While you can get a more luxurious hosting package at WPEngine or InMotion for example, those are pricey buys for big corporate budgets.

If it’s an affordable host which we stand by to create your website or blog project, HostGator is for you. I sincerely hope this HostGator India website tutorial 2019 helps you!

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I’ll make sure this HostGator video for Indian users 2019 stays updated with all the best hosting software and discounts.

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Please let me know all questions and concerns, no question goes unanswered with us !



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21 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website at HostGator India – 2020

  1. Its really great video Greg.
    I have some doubts.
    1. If we purchased both the domain and host from godaddy, later can we change the host to some other provider ?
    2.After purchasing the host, can we buy SL Certificate or codeguard separately after some months?
    3. If we purchased the host from Hostgator, can we buy SL certificate or code guard from Go daddy ?
    4. If we purchased a domain on Godaddy for a year, can we change the domain to Hostgator and also renewing the domain from Hostgator?
    Please help me.
    Thank You!!!

  2. Hi Greg. Thanks for the video. I have one question, can you help me out? I am planning to create a food and recipe website with a seperate blog page (on the same website). In the navigation menu- there will be 5 buttons (home, about us, recipes, blog and contact)

    So can I create a recipe and blog category instead of a page and display them on the menu? Also thinking of creating sub categories under recipe button so that posts are automatically displayed on their categories after publishing. What do you think of this? Or should I create some other structure? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hey Greg amazing video but there is a question I have if you can please help me I need to start a blog for myself so do I need the other part that you purchased at 10:19 apart from the domain name and will the plan include free WordPress please reply really very urgent

  4. I am a complete primitive to coding, and any website building, may I just say. I LOVE YOU. I am making my own website and just head blowen, so frustrating and ssslllloooww.
    again I LOVE YOU. Thank you sooo much.

  5. I can't thank you enough for this video…I was stuck at the website coming soon page…..i was dumb to not figure out…sometimes we don't focus on small things ….just because i watched this video i realized what the missing link was …. thanks alot

  6. Hello Greg, I followed your instructions. But when I tried to get access to the website… I get a message like this…"you PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress" . Can you please help me with this?

  7. hello greg, thank you so much for the support and such an amazing tutorial. I am stuck at a part where everything is up and running but I had different registrar ( and I transferred name servers but it is showing the old website which was hosted by WordPress and not the hostgator one only on my pc and for others it works fine. I also can not work using my wp-admin as it redirects me to another domain which was free and is basically a domain. what can I do ? please help !

  8. Please do not recommend this stupid company just to make affiliate money. Do not buy hostgator service, one of the worst speed, it is so damn slow, a webpage takes at least 5 minutes to load, dont buy this for god sake.

  9. Greg, thanks for your tutorials. I have a question about themes. I just need a simple site with a broadcasting theme and I also wonder if I can use personal photos for themes?

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