How To Make A Simple Python Web Server

How To Make A Simple Python Web Server

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If you want to make an ‘Internet of Things’ device, most often it requires some type of web server. And setting up a web server can be complicated sometimes. You know what isn’t complicated? Golf….and Python. Python has a pretty easy syntax making programming much easier. And it also supports a lot of add-ons and libraries that make tasks even easier! Flask, for instance, is a Python microframework that makes it super simple to make a web server. How simple? If you want to find out, stop reading this and watch the video already!

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36 thoughts on “How To Make A Simple Python Web Server

  1. keep getting this error and i have no idea why as my code is exactly the same, would anyone be able to help.

    app = Flask(__Name__)

    NameError: name '__Name__' is not defined


  2. i'm using python because it's an extremely flexible language and it's really easy to learn
    hello world programs:
    c++:print("Hello World")
    java:sys.print.out("Hello World")
    objective-c:print("Hello World")
    python: print("Hello World")
    php: print '<h1>Hello World</h1>'
    although python attracts beginners, these other languages attract advanced programmers, which means more libraries!

  3. I have already downloaded and installed python but when I type Python in the Comment Prompt it open python in the Microsoft app store. Not the same like your

  4. I was wondering if you could make a web server that would function much like OneDrive or Google drive where you could add a file to a folder on your desktop and it would be uploaded

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