26 thoughts on “how to host 2 or more different websites in hostagator web hosting

  1. i thought once i registered for hostgator baby plan that i would get unlimited domains meaning that i would not have to register and pay again for another domain name. this sucks

  2. Thanks! I just bought a hostgator account and your guide helped a lot in setting it up since I am new to this sort of stuff. After reading the comments here I am a bit worried but so far I have had no problems with it. Btw I found another coupon you might want to add to the list, SAVEBIG2016. I saved $236 with that one 🙂

  3. Thank you! I was able to add my second domain, purchased from Godaddy.com to my hostgator account. I am new to this website thing and your instructions were clear and simple.

  4. For the whole video you didnt even mention how to host 2 or more different website. this is just linking one or two domain to one site.. how about a 2nd site? please correct me if im wrong.. thanks

  5. You mean if you sign up with "namecheap" your domain particulars will automatically be transferred to hostgator ?  Did you even indicate in your namecheap registration that you are with hostgator?

  6. I have just signed up for Hostgate to host my website – they have taken my money and will not set up my account until I send them a copy of my passport, photo ID and copy of my credit card through which I made my payment.  I am new to online business so is this a standard practice???  I have emailed them with my concerns but so far no reply. I am concerned why they would need this info and what they plan to do with it – I receive scam emails from Nigeria that ask for less info.  Your comments would be helpful

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