How To Get Free SSL For Website in 2020 (Hindi) || Free SSL Certificate

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Not all Hosting providers provide free SSL for your websites.
If your hosting provider also doesn’t provide you with a Free SSL certificate then here is the quick procedure that you can follow.

This video will guide you on you can get a Free SSL certificate for your website.
Free SSL certificates usually expire in 30 days and you’ll have to renew it again. But the method that I’ve discussed won’t require you to renew your ssl certificate.

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25 thoughts on “How To Get Free SSL For Website in 2020 (Hindi) || Free SSL Certificate

  1. I followed all the procedures. After name server get updated, I am refresh my website "525 SSL handshake failed" error shows.
    Than I am change in cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption mode full to flexible and after this setting my site work fine.

    Tell only one thing am i doing right or something wrong.
    And why it's not working on Full ssl TLS mode?

  2. Brother i hosted my website in amazon aws and i purchased my domain from hostinger so my DNS is now pointing to AWS. My question is if i will change my DNS to cloudflare for SSL certificate then how my website will work? if you can call me then Please tell me my phone number is 8789067634

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