24 thoughts on “How to fix shrunk 33MB hard drive back to original 1TB size

  1. Will it erase all the data? Or is the data accessible with some recovery software after capacity has been corrected by sea tools… I've Seagate 2TB showing as 2.89GB…. I want to make sure if this trick permanently erases the data or not….

  2. Gracias, no lo pude resolver a tu modo pero me dió una idea y lo hice similar, si alguien tiene el mismo error y no le funciona este les puedo apoyar a como lo resolví, cabe mencionar que mi disco duro era de la marca seagate 1 tb..


  3. Good one bro. i too have this issue oh seagate harddisk i tried your way but im getting an error saying that Invalid Opcode and with some numbers. Kindly help me with this issue please

  4. I followed all the instructions in your video, my disk got detected, and showed up as 55GB for a 1TB hdd (toshiba). i too got the failed message and the disk size remained the same 55gb. Even the serial number printed on the disk and on the seatools were entirely different. The LBA values printed on the disk and displayed on the seatools are also different.

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