How to Clear PHP Processes in cPanel

How to Clear PHP Processes in cPanel

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GoDaddy has recently changed the look of their cPanel, aligning it with what you’ll usually find with most other hosting providers. While this is convenient in some ways, there are a few headaches this will bring to users who are used to the customized green and white look GoDaddy’s hosting sported for several years.

The primary change we’re highlighting from our video last August is the removal of the PHP processes button, a key tool for bringing down your CPU and RAM usage long enough for you or your web developer to troubleshoot what is maxing out your hosting resources.

Fortunately, you can clear PHP processes fairly easily simply by toggling your PHP version!

We also cover a few other changes that change where you’ll find certain features, such as where to find your resource usage and how to find tools like your file manager or addon domains that used to be available at the top of your cPanel screen.

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11 thoughts on “How to Clear PHP Processes in cPanel

  1. Hey i have issue with physical memory usage. And as you show if i do that to kill php process then physical memory decreased just for sometime but then again and again physical memory getting full means all php process which i'm killing is regenerating again…is there any solution have to solve this?

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